• Small Business Set Asides & Minority Businesses & GSA’s Alliant 2

      The U.S. General Services Administration is spending money on information technology. Lots of money! As the nation still reels from Russian election meddling and North Korean hacking scandals, Uncle Sam wants to modernize its IT infrastructure. Over the next 10 years, the GSA has invited 81 small businesses to participate in $15 billion of government spending.

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  • Investing in Bitcoin – Cryptocurrencies

    Clients have been asking me about investing in Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) recently provided some helpful advice. You do your best to keep up with the latest financial news. You’ve been hearing more about cryptocurrencies and asking yourself “Hmmm.” Of course, it’s not just Bitcoin.

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  • Disabled Vietnam Vets Still Face Roadblocks

    I recently saw this heartbreaking article regarding Vietnam veterans titled “Reverberations from war complicate Vietnam veterans’ end-of-life care.” Maybe it is because I just watched the Ken Burns’ Vietnam documentary but this article really struck a chord with me. If you haven’t seen it, this is a “must-watch.

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  • New PA Hunting Law Precludes Revocation of Hunting Licenses

    Yesterday, Governor Wolf signed HB 359 into law, which will take effect in 60 days and provides protections for hunters, (1) where they mistakenly kill a bear or elk, (2) where they are erroneously hunting in the wrong area and take a game animal that is out of season, and (3) where the hunter is current on a payment plan established by a court.

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  • How to Prove Negligence in Court

    Receiving compensation for a car accident that wasn’t your fault can be difficult and complex. Drivers who get into accidents generally let their insurance companies decide settlement amounts, but sometimes, in order to fully recover, you need more than the insurer is willing to give you. If you cannot reach an agreement, you may have to go to court.

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  • A Family Court Attorney: Why You Should Have One

    Family court can be very overwhelming. Even more so if you are representing yourself and do not have an attorney. There are plenty of facets of the law that are unclear, and you don’t want to take the chance of making a mistake in times like these. A family court attorney is familiar with cases like yours and the laws that apply to them.

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  • Should the 0.08% Blood Alcohol Limit Be Lower?

    Currently, the legal blood alcohol concentration (BAC) threshold in all 50 states is 0.08 percent. Recently, however, the calls have been getting stronger for states to lower this threshold to 0.05 percent. A government-commissioned study by a panel of the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine made this recommendation (among others) when deliberating on ways ...

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  • How Long Should I keep My Income Tax Records?

    The answer to that question depends on the action, expense, or event which the document records. Generally, you must keep your records that support an item of income, deduction or credit shown on your tax return until the period of limitation runs out for that tax return. What Is the Period of Limitations? The period of limitation is the period of time in which you can amend yo ...

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  • Trucks Can Have Defective Brakes

    Trucks are the massive machines with which we share our roads, and as such, they pose a serious threat when it comes to traffic accidents. One of the most elemental safety factors of any vehicle is its braking system, and this is even truer of the commercial trucks that travel our national highways. In response to this critical safety issue, a recent safety event took a closer look.

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  • Eye Injuries on the Rise with the Growing Popularity of Air Guns

    In a 23-year study on the causes of eye injuries, non-powder air guns were found to be the third most common cause of serious eye injuries in children. The study ranged from 1990 to 2012 and concluded that in this period of time, eye injuries related to non-powder air guns rose by 168.8 percent. If you or your child has suffered a serious eye injury as a result of an air gun, ...

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  • Two Georgia Southern Students Are Killed in a Car Crash

    Teens and other young people are statistically more likely to be killed in car crashes than older drivers. We were saddened to read about how two Georgia Southern students were killed in a recent wreck near Macon. The deadly car wreck south of Macon killed two Georgia Southern students who were also brothers in late November 2017 reported WTOC.com.

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  • Nursing Home Chain Facing Several Lawsuits Files for Bankruptcy

    A large nursing home chain with facilities across the country has filed for bankruptcy, citing lawsuits as the cause. Nursing home operator Preferred Care blames their financial woes on “predatory” lawsuits, but inspection reports and case filings indicate a history of poor care, inadequate staffing, negligence, abuse, and even wrongful death.

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  • What are CMV Conspicuity Requirements?

    What are CMV conspicuity requirements, you ask. Let’s break that question down a little bit. A CMV is a commercial motor vehicle and conspicuity requirements refer to federal requirements that CMVs incorporate retroreflective treatments or reflex reflectors, such as reflective tape. That’s better.

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  • Improper Lane Changes – A Major Cause of Georgia Accidents

    Improper lane changes are a major cause of traffic accidents in Georgia. They may cause sideswipe accidents whereby a car comes into contact with another in an adjacent lane, or an improper lane change can cause a car to brake suddenly or swerve, impacting other drivers. Usually, in these accidents the driver who makes the lane change is at-fault and he or she will often receive a citation.

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