Pedestrian Accidents

  • $100,000 Settlement for a Pedestrian Hit by a Distracted Driver

    … insurer, where the legal team with Staver Law Group achieved a $100, 000 settlement for their client’s injuries, surgeries, extensive physical therapy and pain and suffering. The outcome of an individual case depends on a variety of factors unique to that case. Case results do not guarantee or predict a similar result in any similar or future case. The post $100,000 Settlement for a Pedestrian Hit by a Distracted Driver appeared first on Staver Law Group PC. …

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  • Segway Safety While Touring Chicago

    … deaths. Therefore, Segway safety should be on your mind. If you’re interested in exploring the possibility of Segways as an efficient form of transportation, you’ll want to invest some time in learning the proper techniques. But sometimes even the most experienced Segway riders can be involved in injury accidents. If you were injured by a third party…

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  • Safety Tips for National Running Day

    … the Chicago pedestrian accident lawyers at Staver Law Group. Call us today at for a free, initial consultation. Safety Tips for Runners Don’t let your run lead to a hospital visit. Stay safe while running by following these tips: Avoid using headphones. It’s important to stay alert while running, and this means using all of your senses. If you…

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  • Child Pedestrian Safety

    … Despite all of the child pedestrian safety education and initiatives that exist, child pedestrian accidents still arise frequently. Distracted driving, intoxicated driving, reckless driving, aggressive, driving, road rage, and speeding are the most common causes of child pedestrian accidents and lead to serious injuries and in some cases, death…

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  • Hit and Run Pedestrian Accidents

    … Getting hit by a car is a scary situation. Hit and run pedestrian accidents are even worse because the driver – most often the liable party – leaves the scene, making it difficult for the victim to recover compensation for medical bills and other damages. A hit and run is defined as any situation in which your car hits another car…

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  • Risks of Jaywalking

    … Improperly crossing the street can result in dire consequences for both pedestrians and drivers. A pedestrian is especially vulnerable in car accidents: a 2014 report of the Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT) indicated they were 8.2 times more likely to be non-fatally injured and 23.7 times more likely to be fatally injured as car…

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  • Pedestrians on the Highway

    … Each year on America’s highways, thousands of pedestrians suffer injuries due to collisions with automobiles and other types of vehicles. The reasons for these accidents vary, and include mistakes or defects with traffic signs, poor driving conditions, or inattentive / distracted drivers. Depending on the circumstances, pedestrians on the highway…

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  • Most Dangerous Intersections in Chicago for Runners

    …. They determined that most dangerous intersections for runners are: Roosevelt and Union near UIC Diversey and Lake Shore Drive in Lincoln Park Kedzie, Logan, and Milwaukee in Logan Square Elston, Irving Park, and Monticello Fullerton, Halsted, and Lincoln Fullerton and Damen west of DePaul Ashland and Cortland near the Kennedy…

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