In insurance coverage declaratory relief actions, there are times an insured will argue that the insurance policy coverage is illusory. Typically, an insured will raise this illusory argument if its insurer is denying coverage based on an exclusion or limitation in the policy. If a court agrees and deems the coverage illusory, the court will construe the policy to afford cove ...

      Florida Construction Legal Updates- 5 readers -
    • Mississippi Payday Lender All American Check Cashing Shut Down

      Last week, the Jackson Free Press in Jackson, Mississippi reported that Mississippi payday lender, All American Check Cashing, Inc., is in trouble again. This time, it’s with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB). The CFPB alleges that All American has engaged in a range of improper practices including hiding check cashing fee schedules, misleading people into taking ...

      Ed Woods/ Bond and Botes- 3 readers -
  • New Hope to Replace Opioid Painkillers with Safer Alternative

    by Karl Voigt Researcher led by scientists from The University of Texas have revealed the results of their extensive research into a new pain medication that may provide an alternative to addictive opioids. You may have read on this blog how researchers have focused on the sigma-1 nerve receptor protein in developing opioid pain alternatives.

    Prince Law Offices, P.C.- 18 readers -
  • Need Some Extra Cash? Want to Work From Home?

    Do you hear commercials or see ads everywhere that say, “Need some extra cash?” “Want to work from home?” It is everywhere. Have you ever heard the term Multilevel-marketing companies? They are also called MLMs or are doing “direct-sales.” They are very similar or arguably could be called a pyramid scheme.

    Bond and Botes- 4 readers -
  • Former Prices: The Latest Class Action Trap In Sales Promotions

    Do you offer products for sale and promote “former prices” to underscore the bargain you’re offering? If so, you should be on high alert. Seemingly governed by the principle that, if you throw enough against a wall, some of it will stick, class action attorneys are constantly on the lookout for obscure theories that appear to be getting traction in one court or another, and t ...

    Brann & Isaacson- 9 readers -
  • Webinar – Marketing a Family Law Practice in 2017

    Building a family law practice takes specific strategies and skills that are not applicable to every other practice area. You wouldn’t advertise a family law firm like you would a personal injury or DUI practice. So, we’re sharing some of our top strategies for building a family law practice to help you generate more clients – the types of clients that you’re looking for.

    Andrew Cabasso/ Jurispage- 13 readers -
  • Common Injuries Caused by Water Balloons

    Now that it’s warm outside, many children are playing with water balloons to keep themselves cool and entertained. Although water balloons are fun, they can also be dangerous and lead to serious injuries. Below are some common water balloon injuries that can leave your child with large medical bills, time away from school, and a great deal of pain and suffering.

    Jared Staver/ Chicago Personal Injury Lawyer- 14 readers -
  • Your Rights as a Passenger Injured in a Georgia Auto Wreck

    Passengers are often victims of car or truck accidents in Georgia. Usually, passengers have no control over a wreck that left them injured so may have rights to file a claim against a number of parties. The fact a passenger is unlikely to be to blame for an accident he or she is hurt in means a lawsuit can be brought against more potential parties.

    Michael West/ Law Office of Michael West- 9 readers -
  • Home Construction Safety Tips

    Many homeowners prefer to complete projects themselves rather than paying a professional. Although DIY projects can save you money, they can also cause serious accidents and injuries. Therefore, if you often do DIY projects, you should make it a top priority to be extremely careful when working. Here are some home constructions safety tips that Staver Law Group recommends to an ...

    Jared Staver/ Chicago Personal Injury Lawyer- 10 readers -
  • How Safe Are Your Kitchen Utensils?

    National Watermelon Day is August 3, and if you plan to celebrate this day, you will probably be using kitchen utensils to cut up the watermelon. Since kitchen utensils can be hazardous and cutting watermelon can lead to serious injuries, it’s important that you practice caution while slicing up this delicious fruit.

    Jared Staver/ Chicago Personal Injury Lawyer- 11 readers -
  • Brann & Isaacson attorneys selected for The Best Lawyers in America© 2018

    Seven Brann & Isaacson attorneys have been selected for inclusion in The Best Lawyers in America© 2018: George S. Isaacson, Commercial Litigation; Litigation and Controversy—Tax; Martin I. Eisenstein, Litigation and Controversy–Tax; Tax Law; Martha E. Greene, Trusts and Estates; Peter D. Lowe, Employment Law—Management; Benjamin W. Lund, Corporate Law; Real Estate Law; Peter. J.

    Brann & Isaacson- 4 readers -
  • New Laws in Texas for 2017

    The 85th Texas Legislature has finally concluded, and there are 1,252 new Texas laws on the books. While many of these new laws will affect only a few Texans, some of them will have a big impact on many. We wanted to give our readers a peek at some of these new laws, while explaining (in layman’s terms) what exactly they mean.

    Jeff Rasansky/ Rasansky Law Firm- 19 readers -
  • Glenn Robert King—Excessive Trading of Customer Accounts

    Glenn Robert King Allegedly Engaged in Excessive Trading of Customer Accounts and Exercised Discretion in Customer Accounts without Written Consent or Approval Glenn Robert King allegedly engaged in excessive trading of customer accounts and exercised discretion in customer accounts without written consent or approval, according to a Complaint from FINRA’s Department of Enforcement currently unde.

    Alan Rosca/ Investment Fraud Lawyers- 13 readers -
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