• How To Obtain Traffic Camera Video of a Car Accident

      Was your car accident caught on a highway traffic camera? In this day and age, cameras are everywhere. In fact, you’d probably be surprised by the number of video cameras that catch your commute on a daily basis. But how easy is it to obtain a copy of this footage? We’ve all noticed them: video cameras along highways, at red lights, toll plazas, and even on buses.

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  • Firearm Preemption Passes Senate With Veto-Proof Vote

    Yesterday, the Pennsylvania Senate passed Senate Bill 5 with a vote of 34 to 16, which is a 2/3rds majority veto-proof vote; however, the vote could have been even stronger if three republicans – Senators Greenleaf, Killion and McGarrigle – had not voted against it. At the last minute, there were five amendments proposed to Senate Bill 5 of which only one passed.

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  • Fatal Motorcycle Accident Lawyer in Dallas

    Have you lost a loved one in a Dallas-area motorcycle accident? If you’ve lost a spouse, parent or child in a motorcycle accident caused by another driver, call us at 1-877-405-4313 and let our experienced attorney help you seek the justice your family deserves. We understand the emotional pain and helplessness you’re likely feeling right now.

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  • Research Indicates that Bicycles Accidents Increased by 28 Percent Between 1998 and 2013

    According to U.S. census data, riding a bicycle was the fastest-growing way of getting to work between 2000 and 2008-2012. While riding a bike is unquestionably a fuel-efficient, healthy, and often fun way to get from place to place, it also exposes riders to a significant risk of serious injury. In fact, according to a research letter published in the Journal of the American M ...

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  • Medical Debt Collection Affects Millions of Americans

    Every day, people come to our offices seeking relief from debt collectors. Millions of Americans are contacted by debt collectors each year, many related to medical expenses. In fact, survey results from a January 2017 Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) study show that more than 40 million Americans are contacted each year about medical related debt.

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  • Information on Illinois Traffic Crash Reports

    In the state of Illinois, if a driver is involved is a vehicle accident that results in bodily injury, death, or over $1,500 of damage to property (when all drivers are insured), each driver must file an accident report. If any of the drivers involved in the crash does not have insurance, the property damage minimum is $500.

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  • School Bus Safety

    Each year, thousands of children and adults suffer from injuries that are the result of school bus accidents. If you or your child has been hurt in a school bus accident that was caused by someone else’s negligence, you may be able to file a lawsuit. You can do so by consulting an experienced Chicago bus accident lawyer at Staver Law Group who understands the importance of scho ...

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  • Side Underride Guards on Trucks Could Save Lives

    When a vehicle crashes into the underside of a tractor-trailer the results can be devastating. In far too many instances, the driver and/or passengers of the vehicle are instantly killed by decapitation. In such crashes, the normal occupant safety features such as airbags and seatbelts cannot perform their intended functions.

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  • Proving Permanent Injuries in Truck Accident Cases

    Hi there, I am a Personal Injury Attorney in Houston. Motor vehicle accidents involving trucks, tractor trailers, and big rigs can lead to serious accidents with catastrophic and permanent injuries and damages. In many cases, the insurance companies scoff when an injured accident victim claims permanent damage in a Houston truck or car accident case.

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  • Broken Stairway Injuries

    You probably take the stairs on a daily basis. Whether at home, work, or around town running errands, you don’t think much about it. Yet stairs, despite being commonplace, can become your worst nightmare during an accident. Injuries can be devastating and the life changes afterward can be overwhelming.

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  • How Safe is Your Car?

    Whether you are driving around in a 10-year-old vehicle or you purchased a brand new car off the lot recently, you need to know how safe your car really is. You may have concentrated on your budget and aesthetics when you were shopping. However, ultimately, the safety of your vehicle is what prevents collisions and reduces your risk of being seriously injured in a crash.

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  • Episode 11 – Next Lawyer Up Podcast with Ron Sykstus featuring Gary Conchin

    This episode of the Next Lawyer Up podcast features attorney Gary Conchin. Gary’s name is synonymous with great lawyering. In addition to his legal acumen, Gary is as down to earth and easy going as they come. He is very easy to talk to which makes it no wonder why he always has a multitude of people seeking his representation.

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  • Subprime Auto Loan Crisis Looming

    Several weeks ago, I wrote on the possibility of another subprime mortgage crisis. Now, it appears that subprime auto loan defaults are nearing crisis levels. According to a Morgan Stanley research booklet, finance providers and the consumer debt market as a whole should take note that auto delinquency and default rates are on the rise.

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  • You Just Received An OED Bar Grievance. Now What?

    The only time a patent attorney or agent ever wants to hear from the USPTO’s Office of Enrollment and Discipline is when they are admitted to the Patent Bar and issued a registration number. Other than that, no news is good news. So if an envelope arrives from the OED (certified mail, return receipt requested), don’t expect the Office to be writing to complement you on your we ...

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