• Apotex Recalls Generic Zyprexa Because of Subpotency Woes

    Canadian pharmaceutical company Apotex is back in the news. According to the FDA’s weekly enforcement report, the company is voluntarily recalling approximately 35,000 packages and bottles of olanzapine, a scheduled III narcotic drug. The FDA report says the reason for the recall is “subpotent drug.” The recall comes on the heels of several other recent FDA problems.

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  • How Safe Is Your Offshore Account Data? It’s Not

    Readers of this blog know that we are always following reports of data leaks and breaches, especially when they concern foreign bank accounts or tax information. Several countries openly pay bank employees to steal and disclose otherwise confidential account information. Those governments aren’t looking to hack accounts or steal; instead they want to know who has an unreported offshore account.

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  • How to Respond to A Trademark Infringement Notice on eBay

    Selling products on eBay can be a very lucrative income source – in fact, many individuals have built entire businesses based around it. The realities of buying and selling online, however, mean that some individuals or businesses may attempt to sell counterfeit or otherwise falsified products bearing the name or logo or a company, even if that company wasn’t actually the source of the goods.

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  • Looking for CENLAR Insider

    Cenlar FSB bills itself as the “nation’s leading loan serving provider.” Their website claims the company “earned a reputation for excellence and dedication to client service.” Unfortunately, their clients are big banks and mortgage trusts, not the tens of thousands of homeowners who rely on them for loan serving.

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  • Is Your Bank Account Safe During Bankruptcy?

    This is a very legitimate question which is frequently posed by people who consult with me about their debt relief options. I want to provide the best possible advice to those people and to my existing debt relief clients as well. The answer to this question is potentially yes and the effect on your bank accounts is never favorable to you.

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  • Common Causes of St. Louis Car Accidents

    St. Louis automobile accidents are often the result of these three actions. Car accidents are a common occurrence. Every year, over six million automobile accidents take place across the United States, resulting in over three million people getting injured. The financial cost associated with these accidents is $230 billion, which includes the value of property damaged and the ...

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  • Can a Debt Collector Freeze My Direct Deposit?

    By: Robert J. Nahoum THE PROBLEM You just heard from your landlord and he tells you the rent check bounced; or maybe you swipe your debit card at the grocery store cash register and the cashier tells you your card has been rejected. Turns out, your bank account has been frozen due a debt collection judgment! In New York, the quickest way for a debt collector to collect on a ...

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  • Power of Attorney Not Authorized for Self Dealing

    Written by Brian Spiro • May 22nd, 2015 • Probate Litigation, Resources, Other Resources, Commercial Litigation, A power of attorney is a legal document is a legal document delegating authority from one person to another. Recently, the Supreme Court of South Dakota provided yet another example of how important the language contained within this document truly is. Studt v.

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  • Corruption Trial Heats Up for Philly Officers

    A federal criminal trial1 involving six Philadelphia police officers is currently in full swing and, as likely expected, police officers testifying for the defense are fully defending the innocence of their colleagues. Severe racketeering2 charges were brought against seven different law enforcement officers in 2013 alleging that the officers, all members of the same undercove ...

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