• Gym Accidents on the Rise

    With the recent gym-related injury that left Sen. Harry Reid wearing an eye patch, and now the tragic death of tech entrepreneur Dave Goldberg while using a treadmill at a gym in Mexico, accidents in gyms and health clubs have made national news. According to The Washington Post, gym-related accidents are on the rise, with thousands of people ending up in emergency rooms every year.

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  • What’s that for a settlement offer?

    The employee was first terminated on time. It is a 4 month notice. After that the employee was dismissed without notice. That means the boss can save a few months salary payment. Court proceeding. One issue is also the access of the termination without notice. The employee found the letter in the mailbox on 31th of March. The employer has the receipt for the access from the 26th of March.

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  • Pet Liability and Accidents – Indianapolis Injury Attorney

    As a dog lover myself, I know how tragic it would be to have my dog hit by a car. As tragic as that is, there is further bad news for dog owners legally. In Indianapolis, regarding injury law and finding an tough attorney or lawyer to fight for you,Once your dog leaves your property and ends up on the roadway, there is a good possibility that they will cause a collision.

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  • Hospitals Liable for Medicare Fraud by Ambulance Services

    Hospitals have the deep pockets that many local ambulance services don’t have. When the government intervened in a Medicare fraud case filed by a former employee of Century Ambulance in Jacksonville, Florida some wondered how the local hospitals served by Century would fare. The answer is, “not well.” Last week the Justice Department settled the case against Century.

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  • Bed Rail Entrapment

    Our Dallas attorneys can help you file a claim or lawsuit in order to recover compensation following a bed rail injury. Bed rails (AKA side rails) serve an important purpose in nursing homes as well as in hospitals. They limit movement when it comes to at-risk patients, and they serve as an easy way of making sure that patients are kept safe from falling from their bed.

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  • Guerrilla Marketing Tactics for Law Firms

    Guerrilla marketing has been around for quite some time and was really brought to light in the 80’s when Jay Conrad Levinson defined the term in his book ‘Guerrilla Advertising.’ While the definition of guerrilla marketing can vary for many, one thing that all agree on is that guerrilla marketing was born from creative entrepreneurs with limited marketing budgets.

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  • How Dangerous is Aggressive Driving?

    In our fast paced lives, we often get impatient especially while driving. However, aggressive driving is often the cause of automobile accidents. According to Missouri State Highway Patrol and Missouri Department of Transportation, aggressive driving is a major cause behind many motor vehicle accidents that occur in Missouri.

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  • Sun Glare Accidents

    We all know that weather like sleet, snow, and rain can cause dangerous road conditions, but few people take into account just how dangerous sun can be at certain times of the day. If you have ever driven around sunrise or sunset, you probably have experienced the temporary blindness while driving caused by sun glare.

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