• My Seatbelt Failed And I Suffered Unnecessary Injury

    As modern consumers, we have come to expect certain safety features to be standard in vehicles. Most people would think twice about ever buying a vehicle that did not come equipped with seat belts, air bags, head restraints, antilock brakes, or a traction control system. So some might wonder why these safety features are so important, but the answer is actually quite simple.

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  • Electronic Stability Control on Trucks and Buses

    Electronic stability control is an innovative technology designed to sense “when the front or rear of a vehicle is moving inconsistently with the position of the steering wheel.” When a problem is detected, an electronic stability control system can brake an individual wheel to realign the vehicle, putting it back on course.

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  • The Proof of the Pudding

    With phrases like “[t]his is the argument that makes judges cringe when they receive sanctions motions,” “moving defendants ask for the sun and the moon,” and “the proof of the pudding,” a recent order out of the Southern District of New York on a motion for sanctions reads like a breath of fresh air on the ever-evolving case law related to attorneys fees under Section 285 of the Patent Act (fo.

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  • 2014 List of Legal Startups (Updated) Copy

    2014 is starting to look pretty exciting in the legal industry. I am guessing that this year we will be seeing lots more dot coms added to the list of those already hoping to be the next ground breaking disruption for lawyers. For the sake of tracking them, I wanted to put together a comprehensive of list of those that I have been able to identify and share with you all.

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  • Parking Lot Accidents: Pinned Between 2 Vehicles

    An estimated 20% of all car accidents take place in commercial parking lots. Surprisingly, more accidents happen in parking garages and parking lots than in highways and main roads. When driving in a parking lot, even the most careful and defensive driver may divert his attention from driving to other issues, such as looking for a suitable parking place or being in a hurry to get into the shop.

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  • Will My Personal Injury Case Go to Trial?

    When you think of a lawsuit, you likely think about movies or television shows depicting dramatic trials in courtrooms. In reality, the large majority of personal injury claims are able to reach a settlement agreement and never make it to trial. However, there is a small percentage of injured victims that never receive a fair and favorable settlement offer from the negligent party.

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  • Pedestrian Accidents At Night

    New cars are rolling off the assembly line every single day. Despite the global financial crisis, auto manufacturers are meeting consumer demands by producing about 165,000 new vehicles every day.1 With this significant number of different makes and models of vehicles being produced every day, it is not unreasonable to think that there is no consistent or across the board prefe ...

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  • Renewing TPS for Haiti

    Recently, the USCIS announced that in order for Haitian TPS-holders to maintain their TPS status, they must re-register. As a Miami immigration lawyer, this reminder is key. If you are a Haitian TPS holder, please pay attention to the deadlines below: TPS Extended Through: July 22, 2017 Re-registration Period for People Who Already Have TPS: August 25, 2015 through October 26, ...

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  • A Bankruptcy Expedites Financial Success

    I’m so tired of hearing that “bankruptcy is failure.” It’s simply not true, and yes, I am biased. However, I have seen bankruptcy success stories, like Dave Ramsey, Walt Disney, J.C. Penny, darn near every football player ever, and more are listed in this article. If bankruptcy works for successful business folks, then why are you still sitting there believing that you should d ...

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