• Compliance Officers: Heroes or Targets?

    Compliance Officers: Heroes or Targets? February 6, 2016 by Brian Mahany Compliance officers are getting a lot of press these days. Not all of it good. A series of recent enforcement actions found individual compliance officers personally liable for the misdeeds of their company. A recent Wall Street Journal article says that some folks are so frightened that they are leaving the profession.

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  • Homeless Whistleblower Gets $140,000!

    Homeless Whistleblower Gets $140,000! February 6, 2016 by Brian Mahany Anyone Can Be A Whistleblower And Receive An Award – ANYONE! Just Ask Matthew Hay-Chapman We have long said that whistleblowers are the new American heroes. Most of the folks we encounter are hard working women and men who grow tired of seeing fraud, greed and corruption in their work place.

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  • St. Louis Accident Attorneys – Understanding Your Car’s Safety Features

    While there is no sure way to prevent auto accidents, safety features in cars can prevent accidents and reduce injuries. With technological advancements, more and more safety features are being added to cars. Each new model year brings cars with additional safety features and technological updates. While many of these updates are a positive development, new reports suggest that ...

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  • Court Refuses to Dismiss Minority Business Set Aside Case

    A Federal Judge Refused to Toss a Whistleblower Suit Claiming Contractors Conspired to Defraud the Government and Exclude Minority and Disadvantaged Contractors The federal government and many states have programs designed to spur minority, veteran and disadvantaged small businesses. These so-called minority business set aside programs require government agencies to set aside ...

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