• Can Your Chapter 13 Payment Change?

    Can Your Chapter 13 Payment Change? Posted on Oct 07, 2015 By Joshua Lawhorn October 7, 2015 by Joshua Lawhorn In a Chapter 13 personal reorganization, you have an ongoing plan payment which usually is made whenever you receive a paycheck. This payment is determined by a number of factors, the primary one being your disposable income.

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  • “Factor Presence” Gone Wild

    “Factor Presence,” which is the standard first proposed by the Multistate Tax Commission in 2002 for determining nexus for business activity taxes, means that a company has nexus in a state if its sales in the state exceed a specified threshold, or if the company maintains payroll or property in the state above specified amounts.

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  • Hedge Fund Disaster Facilitated by Misleading Back-Test

    Hedge Fund Disaster Facilitated by Misleading Back-Test Posted on Tuesday, October 6, 2015 at 1:36 PM From the Desk of Jim Eccleston at Eccleston Law LLC: According to the New York Times, a Connecticut based hedge fund, Spruce Alpha LP Fund, misrepresented its performance to investors and has lost 48% of its value during the month of August 2015.

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  • Is it beneficial to go to trial in my personal injury case?

    Most personal injury cases will never require litigation or ripen to the point of being resolved through a courtroom trial. More often than not, cases end through settlement. However, sometimes trial is necessary. What happens at trial in a personal injury case? The typical personal injury trial is structured around proving through a preponderance of the evidence that the defen ...

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  • Am I Eligible for Innocent Spouse Relief?

    Am I Eligible for Innocent Spouse Relief? Posted on Oct 06, 2015 By Kathryn Davis October 6, 2015 by Kathryn Davis Many married couples file their federal income taxes jointly. When they file jointly, both spouses are jointly and individually liable for any taxes due on the joint return even if they later divorce.

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  • PA Appellate Court Curbs Impairment Rating Evaluations

    In a late-breaking development, the Pennsylvania Commonwealth Court has severely limited the use of Impairment Rating Evaluations by insurance companies. This ruling may affect ongoing Workers’ Compensation claims, as well as those that have been affected in past years. Workers’ Compensation insurance companies have, since 1996, have the ability to subject an injured worker ...

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  • 25 Crash Causes: Reckless Driving

    We often hear unsafe drivers being described as ‘reckless,’ but what exactly is reckless driving, and is it illegal? Under Illinois law (625 ILCS 5/11-503), a person commits reckless driving under the following circumstances: Driving a vehicle in a way that demonstrates willful or wanton disregard for other people’s safety or property Knowingly driving a vehicle on a grade or incline, such.

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  • Louisiana Art and Folk Festival

    Louisiana Art and Folk Festival Filed under: Personal Injury Source: http://chamberofcommercecaldwellparish.com/6201.html Historic downtown Columbia hosts the 60th Annual Louisiana Art and Folk Festival Want to Go? Saturday October 10 : 9 a.m.-4 p.m. Downtown Columbia The 60th Louisiana Art and Folk Festival will be held October ...

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