• Missouri Foreclosure Actions

    There are many reasons why a homeowner is unable or otherwise stops making their monthly mortgage payment: Laid-off from work, fired or unemployed. Employment transfer to another state. Unable to work as a result of illness. Unable to work as a result of family difficulties. Excessive debt.

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  • Q & A with a Merit Systems Protection Board Representative

    Today we’re going to be doing a question and answer session with a Merit Systems Protection Board,(MSPB) attorney/representative. Q: So, for starters, what is the Merit Systems Protection Board or MSPB? The Merit Systems Protection Board (wiki) is a little-known administrative judicial agency in the federal government that is responsible for primarily adjudicating the discipli ...

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  • Should You File Chapter 13 OR Chapter 7 Bankruptcy?

    Should You File Chapter 13 OR Chapter 7 Bankruptcy? Posted on Feb 12, 2016 By Amy Tanner February 12, 2016 by Amy Tanner This is something that I explore with every potential client on their initial free consultation visit to my office. Everyone’s situation is different and there are many reasons why I might recommend a potential client file one chapter over another.

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  • Sample FDCPA Cease and Desist Letter

    By: Robert J. Nahoum THE PROBLEM: Whether it’s mounting credit card debt, unexpected medical bills or even defaulted student loans, when you fall behind on your bills, the debt collectors will harass you. Understandably, anyone who has dealt with debt collectors feels abused, harassed and bullied. This is due in large part to the heavy-handed tactics of the debt collection agents.

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  • Gov’t Paying Top Dollar for Fannie & Freddie Whistleblowers

    The federal False Claims Act allows ordinary people with inside information about fraud involving government funds to do something extraordinary. They can become whistleblowers, file a lawsuit on behalf of the government and keep a percentage of what the government collects. By now, a few mortgage bankers are saying what does this have to do with Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac? A 2 ...

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  • Big Whistleblower Cases Still Exist!

    Big Whistleblower Cases Still Exist! February 12, 2016 by Brian Mahany Morgan Stanley to Pay $3.2 Billion In late 2014, the Justice Department announced that it settled several whistleblower cases against Bank of America for $16.65 billion. Pundits and commentators said that case was the end of the big bank whistleblower cases.

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