• Aggravated Battery | Felony Battery

      Aggravated Battery v. Felony Battery Aggravated Battery vs Felony Battery Aggravated battery is always a felony, but felony battery is not always an aggravated battery. Simple battery can be charged as felony battery under certain circumstances. Battery Basics Criminal battery can be either a misdemeanor or a felony.

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    • Puerto Rico and Chapter 9 Bankruptcy

      Puerto Rico and Chapter 9 Bankruptcy Posted on Feb 09, 2016 By Kathryn Davis February 9, 2016 by Kathryn Davis I have previously discussed the basics of a Chapter 9 bankruptcy as well as two Chapter 9 bankruptcies that occurred in Alabama. In this post, I’ll examine a current event that involves a discussion of Chapter 9- Puerto Rico’s current debt crisis.

      Kathryn Davis/ Bond and Botes- 5 readers -
  • Rex Securities Law Investigates VSR Financial Services Broker in Seattle, Washington

    Seattle, Washington Rex Securities Law is investigating VSR Financial Services broker Robert M. Hinz, Jr. of Wealth Enhancement Strategies in connection with the sale of annuities, real estate securities, options, limited partnerships and direct investments in oil & gas investments. According to FINRA records Hinz was named in a FINRA arbitration in 2013 (#1-368) by a c ...

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  • Security Clearance Concerns Regarding Foreign Influence and Preference

    Given the volatility in the world over the past several years, I am seeing more security clearance cases as they relate to foreign influence and foreign preference. The United States government can express a concern regarding an individual’s access to classified material in the form of a secret or top-secret security clearance if it has concerns regarding the individual having ...

    Ron Sykstus/ Bond and Botes- 5 readers -
  • What to Expect In 2016 Examinations

    From the Desk of Jim Eccleston at Eccleston Law LLC: In considering the priorities for the upcoming year, The Office of Compliance Inspections and Examination (OCIE) of the SEC seeks to prevent potentially heightened risk for investors and the market in general. After consulting Commissioners, senior staff in SEC regional offices and divisions, and fellow regulators, OCIE de ...

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  • Seeking Oil Industry Whistleblowers

    New Opportunities for Oil Industry Whistleblowers Recently we received a call from a gentleman who claims that U.S. oil companies are paying massive bribes in certain countries in the hopes of obtaining favorable treatment. We know that activity routinely occurs in certain South American countries be we haven’t heard of U.S. companies engaged in this behavior.

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