• Start a Blog During Law School

      What Is A Blog? A blog is a digital location where a collection of posts is stored. A blog can be private, requiring password access, or it can be public, which allows anyone with the URL to read what you post. Blogs began as online journals where bloggers wrote about their day-to-day activities; but now blogging encompasses a broad spectrum of Internet content.

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  • It’s Black Friday for Defense Contractor EOTech

    It’s Black Friday for Defense Contractor EOTech November 29, 2015 by Brian Mahany Yesterday hunters and their loved ones flocked to big sporting gear stores hoping to find Black Friday deals on rifles and gun accessories. An Ann Arbor, Michigan manufacturer of gun sights isn’t celebrating, however.

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  • FLA Hospice Provider Settle Medicaid Fraud Case

    FLA Hospice Provider Settle Medicaid Fraud Case November 29, 2015 by Brian Mahany When my mother passed several years ago there was a hospice volunteer at her side. Whether paid or volunteer, hospice work is tough. Most folks in the hospice care field are angels. Unfortunately, the industry has its fair share of wolves.

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  • Holiday Auto Accidents

    The fall and winter holidays are supposed to be a time of family, festivities, and good cheer. People often decorate their homes, plan trips to see loved ones, attend or host parties, and go on many shopping trips to purchase gifts. Unfortunately, thousands of Americans have their holiday season interrupted by a serious car accident.

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  • What defenses can be used against your personal injury claim?

    A personal injury case is a legal dispute that arises from an accident or event where someone was personally harmed or injury due to the legal responsibility or liability of another person or entity.1 There are several forms of personal injury cases, but some of the common types include car accident claims, medical malpractice, product liability, slip and fall injuries, dog bit ...

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  • Very Pro-2nd Amendment Appropriations Bill Under Attack!

    As many of our viewers are aware, in June, the House of Representatives passed H.R. 2578, which provided a number of pro-2nd Amendment provisions, including funding for federal firearms relief determinations under 18 U.S.C. 925(c), which has not been available since 1992, and a prohibition on ATF utilizing any of the funding for promulgating a rule requiring CLEO signature requirements.

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  • And the Beats Go On… Whistleblower Post

    And the Beats Go On… Whistleblower Post November 28, 2015 by Brian Mahany Were Cops Involved in Bizarre New York State Whistleblower Case? We see many unusual False Claims Act cases. Criminals can be very enterprising. Their creativity is often amazing. Ultimately, most get caught and usually after a whistleblower steps forward and reports their wrongdoing.

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  • Buy American Act – Home Depot Revisited

    Buy American Act – Home Depot Revisited November 27, 2015 by Brian Mahany Beginning with President Roosevelt and the Great Depression, Congress has tried to balance price with promotion of American jobs and manufacturing. In 1933, Congress passed the Buy American Act. That law required certain purchases of American products and goods when the purchased was the government or ...

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  • ATF-41P Update

    Recently, ATF-41P’s final action date was changed from December 2015 to January 2016, prompting a lot of speculation and concern, especially in light of President Obama’s announcement of 2,224 new proposed rules, which he hopes to implement prior to his departure. As many of our viewers are aware, Firearms Industry Consulting Group® (FICG®), a division of Prince Law Offices, P.C.

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  • Teens Being Lured with Tobacco Flavored Products

    Researchers at the FDA’s Center for Tobacco Products looked at data on 13,651 US teens surveyed on their use of tobacco products. The results confirm concerns about the growing use of e-cigarettes among teens and the way in which manufacturers are targeting teen smokers. The report, published recently in the Journal of the American Medical Association found, “Among a survey of ...

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  • Bernard M. Parker—Stealing Investor Money

    Bernard M. Parker—Stealing Investor Money November 27, 2015 Bernard M. Parker Allegedly Raised $1.2 Million from Longstanding Brokerage Customers and, Rather than Purchasing Tax Liens, Used the Cash to Remodel his Estate Bernard M. Parker, 55, who ran Parker Financial Services from his home in Indiana, Pa., allegedly raised more than $1.

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