• Workplace Dress Codes: What Employers Should Know

    … Does your organization have a dress code? If so, is it enforceable? For the vast majority of modern workplaces, rules or policies about how employees are expected to dress aren’t necessary. In 2016, it’s generally understood that we should show up for work looking neat, presentable and industry-appropriate. For some employers, however, concerns…

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  • Is Your Auto Insurer Pushing Used or Recycled Auto Parts for Crash Repairs?

    … other signs of being used. The practice has led reporters to label the parts as “junkyard” parts. And, as one couple in Chesterfield, Virginia learned, the fine print in insurance policies (contracts) often stipulates that used/recycled parts would be used for repairs. This is common practice in at least 36 states where more than 500 garages from…

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