• 2016 Staver Law Group National Scholarship Award Winner

      The Staver Law Group PC is happy to announce Juliana Ruggieri on being selected as the 2016 Staver Law Group National Scholarship award recipient. Juliana currently works as an environmental health and safety specialist and is a member of the recently formed National Safety Council Women’s Caucus. She plans to further her career in safety management by earning a Master of Scien ...

      Jared Staver/ Chicago Personal Injury Lawyer- 27 readers -
    • Common Jet Ski Injuries

      The weather is heating up, which means that lakes and rivers are seeing more jet skis. jet skis provide fun family entertainment, but they can also be dangerous. Before hitting the water, it’s important to be aware of common jet ski injuries so you can stay safe. Operator error is the main cause of jet ski injuries.

      Jared Staver/ Chicago Personal Injury Lawyer- 24 readers -
    • Can I File a Medical Malpractice Claim for MRSA?

      Hospitals are often full of germs and diseases. While they attempt to keep their surroundings clean and sanitized, hospitals can still spread disease and infection to patients. One particularly serious infection is MRSA. This disease is prevalent in many hospitals and nursing homes because it can be easily spread through contact with infected persons or wounds.

      Jared Staver/ Chicago Personal Injury Lawyer- 21 readers -
  • Seatbelt Issues in a Car Accident Claim

    If you are involved in a car accident that is caused by the other driver, the negligent party should be held liable. But, even if you didn’t cause the accident, you could be held in violation if you weren’t wearing your seatbelt at the time. Seatbelt issues have the potential to keep you from recovering damages from a car accident claim.

    Jared Staver/ Chicago Personal Injury Lawyer- 5 readers -
  • What Happens to Your Body in a High-Speed Car Crash

    There are many differences between car accidents that occur at low speeds versus high speeds. When collisions occur at relatively low speeds, 35 mph or less, the risk of serious or catastrophic injuries are limited. But, in high-speed crashes, every part of your body goes through a significant trauma, and the risk of serious injuries, catastrophic injuries, and fatalities are extremely high.

    Jared Staver/ Chicago Personal Injury Lawyer- 5 readers -
  • Chicago Winter Driving Tips

    Each winter, thousands of motorists are involved in car accidents. With Chicago’s severe winters and icy roads, drivers and pedestrians are more likely to suffer a serious injury. For help ensuring your safety this winter, follow the Chicago winter driving tips below. In the event that you or a loved one do sustain an injury due to the negligence of another motorist this winte ...

    Jared Staver/ Chicago Personal Injury Lawyer- 9 readers -
  • Tesla Unveils Electric Semi-Truck

    Over the years, the trucking industry has made incredible advancements that improve transportation efficiency and safety. In fact, Tesla recently announced one of the most exciting advancements possible for commercial trucking: electric semi-trucks. In November, Tesla’s CEO unveiled the company’s plan to build electric semi-trucks, which could dramatically change the nature of U.S. commerce.

    Jared Staver/ Chicago Personal Injury Lawyer- 7 readers -
  • Who Designed This Site? Who Does Your SEO?

    I often receive emails and calls asking me questions like this, so I wanted to take a minute to tell you about the design and execution of what is now ChicagoLawyer.com. At the end of 2013, after practicing law for 10 years, my former law partner and I decided it was time to go separate ways. We had been using a local web design firm for years, but I was looking for something more.

    Jared Staver/ Chicago Personal Injury Lawyer- 14 readers -
  • Can I Sue an Uber or Lyft Driver After a Car Accident?

    Today, Uber and Lyft have become ideal alternatives for those in need of a ride. But, while these rideshare companies are a convenient alternative, they are not without their issues. Even the safest driver can get into a car accident. If you are injured in an accident while using a rideshare service, the question you’re probably asking is, “Can I sue an Uber or Lyft driver for ...

    Jared Staver/ Chicago Personal Injury Lawyer- 13 readers -
  • Tech to Reduce Distracted Driving

    Deadly car accidents can happen due to any number of reasons. But, distracted driving is one of the most significant reasons for serious car accidents in the United States. Distracted driving can be completely avoidable, but unfortunately, drivers often take their safety for granted and ignore the basic safety precautions that can prevent a devastating accident.

    Jared Staver/ Chicago Personal Injury Lawyer- 10 readers -
  • Staying Safe and Avoiding Damaged and Icy Sidewalks

    In Chicago, people are constantly falling on dangerous sidewalks. With our area’s extreme high and low temperatures during the course of a year, sidewalks can expand and contract causing them to split or crumble on their edges. Sidewalks, whether they are damaged or not, can become dangerous when they are covered in snow and ice.

    Jared Staver/ Chicago Personal Injury Lawyer- 9 readers -
  • Opioid-Related Medical Malpractice Claims

    Medical professionals can have a huge impact on our lives, and we trust in their decisions to improve our health and to keep us safe during treatment. Many times, a doctor treating you or your loved ones will decide to administer powerful opioid drugs. However, these drugs can be dangerous, and improper use of these drugs can devastate you and your family.

    Jared Staver/ Chicago Personal Injury Lawyer- 12 readers -
  • Only a Fraction of Takata Airbags Have Been Repaired

    The last several years have seen many automotive product recalls. But, unfortunately, many of the dangerous parts are still out there in the cars of unsuspecting people. Takata airbags have exploded on vehicle occupants causing devastating injuries and death in many cases, and it is believed that over 30 million cars have had these dangerous airbags installed.

    Jared Staver/ Chicago Personal Injury Lawyer- 11 readers -
  • Motorcycles Cause 5 Times More Fatalities than Car Accidents

    According to a recent post in the Canadian Medical Association Journal, motorcycle accidents now account for five times as many fatalities as car crashes do. Survivors of these accidents require medical care that is six times higher than the medical costs of those who survive car wrecks. These facts highlight how dangerous it can be to drive a motorcycle, calling to attention t ...

    Jared Staver/ Chicago Personal Injury Lawyer- 12 readers -
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