Workers' Compensation

  • House Bill 18 Postponed

    … by Karl Voigt “Formulary.” If House Bill 18 passes and you’re a workers’ compensation recipient, that’s a word you’re going to have to get used to. And likely another word: “NO“. This new legislation is intended to reduce costs for insurance companies by limiting the types of drugs that doctors can prescribe for you. Which means that a panel…

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  • Crane Accidents on Construction Worksites

    … site could face a personal injury lawsuit. When a crane accident is caused by a subcontractor or another worker who is not an employee of the construction company, another company may be at fault. Can I Receive Workers’ Compensation Benefits? Employment status can be murky on construction sites. Not everyone is considered an employee of a single…

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  • Burns in the Workplace

    … lawyers at Staver Law Group to get started on filing a workers’ compensation or third party claim that may ease the financial burden your injury has left you. Call us today at . Causes of Workplace Burns Flammable or explosive materials can be found in many workplaces. Even if you are not required handle these materials directly, you may still…

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  • 10 Most Common Workplace Injuries

    …, as a result, can be incredibly distressing. If you have suffered from any type of work injury that was caused by the negligence of your employer or a third party, you need to contact our Chicago workplace injury lawyers at Staver Law Group right away. They may help you obtain workers’ compensation benefits and file a personal injury claim on your behalf so that you can move forward with your life. Call us today at . The post 10 Most Common Workplace Injuries appeared first on Staver Law Group PC. …

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  • Truck Accidents While at Work

    … Many industries rely on trucks and heavy duty vehicles to get work done. From construction workers to utility providers, employees use company trucks all day to get to and from work sites and fulfill their duties. However, like all drivers, workers can get into trucking accidents while on the clock, and with such heavy vehicles, these crashes can…

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  • What is Vocational Rehabilitation?

    … Under Illinois’ workers’ compensation law, employers must pay for vocational rehabilitation when it is necessary. As an Illinois worker, you are entitled to rehabilitation services when you sustain an injury that causes lost earning capacity and when there is evidence that rehabilitation will increase your earning potential. For instance, if you…

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