Workers' Compensation

    • House Bill 18 Postponed

      by Karl Voigt “Formulary.” If House Bill 18 passes and you’re a workers’ compensation recipient, that’s a word you’re going to have to get used to. And likely another word: “NO“. This new legislation is intended to reduce costs for insurance companies by limiting the types of drugs that doctors can prescribe for you.

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  • Crane Accidents on Construction Worksites

    … site could face a personal injury lawsuit. When a crane accident is caused by a subcontractor or another worker who is not an employee of the construction company, another company may be at fault. Can I Receive Workers’ Compensation Benefits? Employment status can be murky on construction sites. Not everyone is considered an employee of a single…

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  • Burns in the Workplace

    … lawyers at Staver Law Group to get started on filing a workers’ compensation or third party claim that may ease the financial burden your injury has left you. Call us today at . Causes of Workplace Burns Flammable or explosive materials can be found in many workplaces. Even if you are not required handle these materials directly, you may still…

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  • 10 Most Common Workplace Injuries

    …, as a result, can be incredibly distressing. If you have suffered from any type of work injury that was caused by the negligence of your employer or a third party, you need to contact our Chicago workplace injury lawyers at Staver Law Group right away. They may help you obtain workers’ compensation benefits and file a personal injury claim on your behalf so that you can move forward with your life. Call us today at . The post 10 Most Common Workplace Injuries appeared first on Staver Law Group PC. …

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  • Truck Accidents While at Work

    … claim for workers’ compensation benefits. If approved, the benefits generally include the worker’s medical bills, out-of-pocket expenses, and a percentage of lost wages. If the worker becomes disabled from the accident, there may be a larger settlement. Workers’ compensation insurance is very different than a personal injury claim with an insurance…

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  • What is Vocational Rehabilitation?

    … can return to the workforce in a new position. To learn more, contact a Chicago workers’ compensation lawyer of Staver Law Group as soon as possible. Call today at . The Basics of Vocational Rehabilitation Vocational rehabilitation is for individuals who have physical or mental disabilities due to a medical condition, accident, or workplace incident…

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