A whistleblower (whistle-blower or whistle blower) is a person who exposes misconduct, alleged dishonest or illegal activity occurring in an organization. The alleged misconduct may be classified in many ways; for example, a violation of a law, rule, regulation and/or a direct threat to public interest, such as fraud, health and safety violations, and corruption. Whistleblowers may make their allegations internally (for example, to other people within the accused organization) or externally (to regulators, law enforcement agencies, to the media or to groups concerned with the issues).
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  • Guaranty Bank – FDIC Closure and Whistleblower Post

    … by mail and electronic funds transfers. The real victims of the FDIC closure of Guaranty Bank (called Best Bank in Georgia and Michigan) are the bank’s hundreds of dedicated employees. At 4:00 pm today, most were thinking about the weekend, now hundreds are suddenly scrambling for jobs. Why did Guaranty go under? The easy answer is to simply blame…

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  • United Airlines Gets Millions of Gov’t $$$ – Aviation Whistleblower Post

    … maintenance, the claims could mean the difference of life and death. If you have knowledge of United Airlines (or any other airline or contractor) cutting corners on any work for the government, we want to know. Every inquiry is protected by the attorney client privilege and kept strictly confidential. Even if you do not hire us or decide…

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  • United Airlines Deep Dark Secret

    … offered a choice. The much more sinister story involves defrauding the federal government, using unsafe aircraft parts and fudging inspection records. We first wrote about this story last November. At that time a federal judge dismissed a federal whistleblower lawsuit filed by a former United aircraft technician, David Grant. In 2015, Grant sued…

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  • Hackers Hijack Banrisul Bank? Cyberhacking Post

    … is accurate, cyber thieves seized and control all the bank’s online operations for 5 to 6 hours. In essence, the criminals took over the bank. Experts say the hackers targeted a security flaw in the DNS (Domain Name System) registration system. This is the same type attack used previously when hackers redirected traffic from the New York Times…

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  • ING Bank Subject to Dutch, SEC Probe – Whistleblower Opportunity

    ….” During the investigation, an internal email surfaced in which a ING Bank employee acknowledged that routing Cuban transactions to avoid Manhattan [and detection] was illegal. The process of manipulating funds transfer information to conceal the origination of funds is called “stripping.” If that activity is done by a bank like ING, there may…

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  • A Banking Nightmare That Only Insiders Will Believe – Whistleblower Post

    … this post will get bank and loan servicer employees to step forward and become whistleblowers. More on that after the story. Earlier this week, a federal bankruptcy judge in Sacramento, California sanctioned Bank of America for intentional violations of the automatic stay in bankruptcy. Few bankers are probably shocked at that revelation but wait…

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  • Prime Pediatrics Dalton GA (New Medicaid Fraud Investigation)

    … or physician decides to defraud Medicaid, it is common to see multiple types of fraud taking place. Whistleblower Awards for Medicaid Fraud If Prime Pediatrics is double billing, substantial whistleblower awards may be available. The federal False Claims Act pays awards to people with inside information about fraud involving federally funded healthcare…

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  • Military, Private Security & Private Military Contractor Whistleblowers

    …. The numbers are staggering and so is the potential for fraud. Current State Department Private Military Contracts According to GovCon Wire, last year the U.S. State Department released billions of dollars of protective services contracts to a handful of companies. Those companies are: Aegis Defense Services – $2.8 billion Chenega Patriot Group – $3.5…

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  • Venezuela Public Corruption and Fraud: More Whistleblowers Needed

    … Bribes Are Monetary Bigger companies are smart enough to know that paying kickbacks or bribes by wire transfer, check can leave a messy trail. We have all watched movies where the criminal wants money wired to his secret Swiss bank account. That works in movies but wires leave a trail and large cash withdrawals trigger suspicious activity reports…

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  • Whistleblower Awards, CFPB & Loan Officer Compensation

    … After the financial meltdown in 2007 and 2008, Congress began carefully scrutinizing many banking practices. Loan officer compensation schemes were identified as one of the contributing factors to the crisis that gripped he nation. Subsequent legislative fixes included provisions in the SAFE Act, Dodd Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer…

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  • Big Pharma Wants Your Hearts, Minds and Wallets (Pharma Whistleblower)

    … What do Donald Trump, Bernie Sanders and Bernie Sanders have in common? The answer? They all think that big pharmaceutical companies put profits before patients. Before the election, Hillary’s website had this to say about the pharmaceutical industry, “Her plan will demand a stop to excessive profiteering and marketing by denying tax breaks…

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  • MassHealth Fraud Lawyer – 2016 In Review

    … and the Massachusetts Medicaid Fraud Division, their efforts have barely made a dent in the state’s burgeoning fraud epidemic. Without whistleblowers, the state doesn’t have a chance. To better understand why we say whistleblowers are so necessary, let’s look at some facts. Medicaid is the health insurer of last resort. In Massachusetts, Medicaid is called…

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  • “Banks Pump Up”? So Do Whistleblower Lawyers!

    … There was a interesting article in today’s New York Post. Titled “Banks Pump Up,” the article contained a cleverly photoshopped graphic of the faces JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon and Bank of America CEO Brian Moynihan superimposed over the torsos of body builders. Moynihan’s left bicep has an “I love Trump” tattoo. Some big businesses are happy…

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  • When Whistleblowers Do Things “Their Way”

    … Here is a case that would scare any would-be whistleblowers. A federal appeals court in Denver ordered a whistleblower to pay $15 million to the alleged wrongdoers. Previously the trial court had sanctioned the whistleblower $16,838,279.77. This isn’t money the whistleblower gets. Instead, the courts ordered the whistleblower to pay! Jack…

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  • Oil Royalty Payments Scam? – Could Be a Great Whistleblower Claim!

    … to the net. And therein lies the potential for fraud and abuse. Whistleblower Case Filed Under False Claims Act The two auditors filed their case under the False Claims Act. That law allows anyone with inside information to file claims on behalf of the government. If the case is successful, the whistleblowers can earn an award of between 15% and 30…

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