Weather-Related Car Accident

  • St. Louis Auto Accidents Caused by Poor Road Conditions

    … for keeping the roads clean and obstacle free. Failure to do so may result in fatal road accidents. (Click here to report a road repair). Slippery Surfaces Weather-related car accidents increase considerably on slippery roads. If the surface of the road is slippery, a speeding car can skid or spin out of control when the brakes are applied. There…

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  • St. Louis Car Crash Lawyer – Weather-Related Car Accidents

    …-related and winter-related weather causes fewer car accidents. Risks Associated with Rainfall Rain increases the risk of a car accident in various ways: Reduces visibility: Rain can affect visibility and make a windshield hazy, making it difficult for a driver to see what is ahead. Reduces traction: Tires are unable to grip a wet road, which…

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