• Marijuana Taxes In Washington State And How To Comply

    This is a guest post by tax lawyer, James Hunt. The Washington Liquor Control Board (“LCB”) issued 67 penalties and warnings between May to Mid-October to cannabis businesses. Of the 67 notices, about two-thirds (66%) were in regard to taxes. Because the LCB is responsible for administering the Marijuana Excise Tax, I assume these warnings were for the excise tax.

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  • Faux Hershey Settles

    Hershey Company has settled the trademark infringement lawsuit it filed in June against TinctureBelle, LLC and TinctureBelle Marijuanka LLC, Colorado based marijuana-candy companies. Hershey claimed consumers would be confused by the similarities between marijuana-infused chocolate products and popular Hershey favorites.

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  • Cannabis Promises to Keep

    For most of our clients in Illinois, Nevada, and Washington, the heady days of applying for state marijuana business licenses are behind them. These states have either reviewed or are still reviewing the application submissions, which included operating plans and financials and criminal histories.

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  • Symbolism in the Modern American Courtroom

    … be traced to Thomas Jefferson. She writes, “[a]s an ardent supporter of modest republican citizenship, Jefferson was against “any needless official apparel,” especially “the monstrous wig which makes the English judges look like rats peeping through bunches of oakum.” It is believed that by 1801, when John Marshall became chief justice, the justices were…

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  • Lawsuit To Stop Cities From Banning Marijuana

    Tomorrow our cannabis lawyers will be in Chelan County Superior Court arguing to stop the City of Wenatchee from banning marijuana dispensaries within its city limits. To grossly summarize, our position is that because Washington voters chose to legalize marijuana throughout the entire state, no city should be able to override that vote.

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  • Marijuana Bars: Makes Sense to Us

    Washington and Colorado both prohibit consuming marijuana in public. In both states, consuming marijuana in most hotels, clubs, and bars is also generally forbidden due to both public consumption and general smoking laws. And don’t even think about using marijuana at the retail storefronts from which you buy it as doing that could jeopardize the dispensary’s license.

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  • On The Separation of Church and Pot

    … and well within 1,000 feet of the church; this liquor store has been there for years — without any protest — despite alcohol’s obvious harms. Washington State law prohibits cannabis businesses form locating within 1,000 feet of the various types of places listed in WAC 314-55-050(10). That list does not include religious institutions. Mt Calvary’s…

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  • High Times in Trade Secrets

    (N.B.: Neither the author, this article, nor this blog intends to make, nor makes, any comments for or against the legalization of marijuana in any jurisdiction.) What happens when you mix animal affection with a political issue? A Constitutional Convention? Tax dollars for pet shelters? Would you believe…trade secret litigation? People love their pets.

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  • MJ Co-Ops: DOA?

    … No!"On the other hand, it may adopt the response that federal banking regulators have thus far revealed with respect the requests of the governors of Colorado and Washington for regulatory guidance to banks on banking "legitimate" marijuana businesses in their states: The Mount Rushmore Response. This involves impassive staring and no audible sound…

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