• Top 10 in Law Blogs: Big Data in the Workplace, Conference Networking, Times New Roman

    It’s no secret: going to conferences is really much more about the networking opportunities than attending session. But Lindsay Griffiths has a good tip on this—if you’re about networking, start doing it before the conference. Total posts on the LexBlog Network today: 183.

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  • 2 = 1, for sufficiently small values of 2

    A commenter combines the desecration of venerated objects post and the 15-year sentence for possessing shotgun shells nearly 20 years after a felony conviction post, and writes, A conviction under this statute would render him a prohibited person under 18 USC 922(g), and he would not be allowed to possess firearms or ammunition.

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    • Death Penalty Thrives in Culture of the South

      Writing in a September 8, 2014 Op-Ed piece for The New York Times, Emory University assistant history professor Daniel LaChance reasoned that the best way for death penalty abolitionists to rid the nation of the death penalty is to cast it as just “another failed Government program.
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    • Philadelphia Injury Attorney Makes Pledge for Kids

      No Fee For Kids – A Pledge to Families of Children 12 and Under Who Have Been Injured in an Auto Accident in Pennsylvania. Stuart A. Carpey, a nationally known Philadelphia personal injury attorney, has introduced his “No Fee for Kids!” program.
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    The latest about Virginia

    • Death Penalty Thrives in Culture of the South

      … of the South. Nine out of ten of the nation’s leading execution states are in the South. According to the Death Penalty Information Center, these nine states—Texas, Oklahoma, Virginia, Florida, Missouri, Alabama, Georgia, North Carolina, and South Carolina—carried out 1153 of the 1389 executions carried out in this country since January 17, 1977…

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    • Airline Flight diverted due to Child Custody Battle

      … departed Virginia's Dulles International Airport at 12:39 p.m. When it reached Canadian air space, the FBI ordered the Boeing 777 back to Virginia after learning a kidnapping suspect was on board. Flight 897 landed back at Dulles five hours after its departure. Once at the gate, passenger Lane Bailey says the pilot made an announcement…

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    • Naming Backup Beneficiaries In Your Will or Trust

      … share would go to one of Austin's niece, the other to her friend, Virginia Sexton. The trust went on to say that if the niece died before Austin, that first share would go to Sexton. And if Sexton died before Austin, the second share would be divided among Sexton's living heirs. Both Sexton and the niece died before Austin. This left unresolved…

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    • West Virginia judge delays ruling on same-sex marriage ban

      …[JURIST] A judge for the US District Court for the Southern District of West Virginia [official website] on Thursday delayed ruling on a lawsuit challenging the state's ban on same-sex marriage. Judge Robert Chambers [official profile] stated that the case, brought on behalf of three same-sex couples and the child of one couple, has issues…

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    • Hoping For A Fall?

      … timeline. So long as there are no conflicting rulings in the lower courts, The Supremes are content to sit back and let these putrid, discriminatory marriage bans die at the appellate level. But for those of us who want to see that one decisive ruling a la Loving v. Virginia what we need is for one of the appellate courts to rule against us. Come on Sixth Circuit! I know you've got a little homophobia left in you! That guilt over that one time in college maybe? We're coming to get you, you know we are.…

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    • The many benefits of USPTO trademark registration

      … the takings and due process clauses of the U.S. Constitution as well as violation of the First Amendment. The Notice of Appeal, filed in the Eastern District of Virginia last month, has an excellent summary of the benefits of US trademark registration in summarizing what is at stake for the Redskins trademarks. Yes, without registration from the USPTO…

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    • Gubernatorial Post-Conviction Relief and Immigration

      … modification or even the vacating of the conviction itself. The result in my Virginia Supreme Court case, Commonwealth v. Morris, unfortunately reduced the time in which one may try to collaterally attack a conviction in a Virginia court. What about the issue of elected officials modifying a conviction in some manner? Is this a plausible means of relief…

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    • The Yoo-Turley Debate: Two Inversive Views Of Presidential Power

      … of Chicago Professor Richard Epstein, Robert O’Neil, former president and professor emeritus at the University of Virginia, New York Times columnist Stanley Fish, professor of human resource management at Rutgers University Barbara Lee, expert on health information Deborah Peel, and Eugene Volokh, author and law professor at UCLA. I will be seeking this afternoon in Orem, Utah on free speech issues. Like this: Like Loading... Posted in Academics, Constitutional Law, Society | 19 Comments…

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    • Patent Litigation/Post-Grant Proceedings Associate – Law Firm – Alexandria, Va.

      … or chemistry. We seek candidates with transferrable skills and strong academic backgrounds from nationally recognized schools. Virginia Bar membership preferred. Contact Qualified candidates should apply online at our website at All applications must be accompanied by a resume…

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