The United States Patent and Trademark Office (PTO or USPTO) is an agency in the U.S. Department of Commerce that issues patents to inventors and businesses for their inventions, and trademark registration for product and intellectual property identification. The USPTO is "unique among federal agencies because it operates solely on fees collected by its users, and not on taxpayer dollars". Its "operating structure is like a business in that it receives requests for services—applications for patents and trademark registrations—and charges fees projected to cover the cost of performing the services [it] provide[s]".
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  • Oil States Versus The Administrative State

    … The Supreme Court has now heard from the petitioner in Oil States Energy Services, LLC v. Greene’s Energy Group, LLC. At issue is not only the fate of inter partes review of patents by the Patent Trial and Appeal Board, but possibly the ability of administrative agencies to review and retract their own erroneous decisions. The question presented…

    David Swetnam Burland/ Brann & Isaacson- 16 readers -
  • Is the USPTO really contacting your company? Maybe not.

    … Trade Commission (FTC) and the USPTO want you to know there are companies that contact patent and trademark holders asking for fees for “services” like renewing your trademark registration, signing you up for trademark monitoring services, recording your trademarks with government agencies, or listing them on a private “registry.” The names…

    Prince Law Offices, P.C.- 12 readers -
  • Supreme Court To Review Statute Against Disparaging Trademarks

    …, the Supreme Court agreed to review that decision by granting the petition for writ of certiorari filed by Michelle K. Lee in her capacity as Director of the PTO to decide whether the disparagement provision is, as the Federal Circuit held, facially invalid under the Free Speech Clause of the First Amendment. The post Supreme Court To Review Statute Against Disparaging Trademarks appeared first on Brann & Isaacson. …

    David Swetnam Burland/ Brann & Isaacson- 11 readers -
  • East Texas Court Orders Stay Pending Inter Partes Review

    …, as the Federal Circuit found in a couple of recent cases brought to it from the Eastern District of Texas after denial of motions to stay pending inter partes review. Thus, it is newsworthy that U.S. District Judge Rodney Gilstrap recently granted a motion to stay cases filed by Intellectual Ventures II, LLC against two insurance companies…

    David Swetnam Burland/ Brann & Isaacson- 14 readers -
  • Excluded Patent Attorney Appeals To Federal Circuit

    … A patent attorney who was excluded from the USPTO has appealed to the Federal Circuit. By way of background, on July 15, 2015, the USPTO Director entered an order excluding Richard Polidi from practice before the Office. The USPTO Director’s disciplinary action came after the Director of the Office of Enrollment and Discipline (OED) filed…

    Michael E. Mccabe Jr./ IPethics & INsights- 38 readers -
  • USPTO Suspends Former GWU Ethics Professor For Two Years

    … Director is required to impose the same discipline imposed by another jurisdiction, and has no discretion not to impose the identical sanction, unless the practitioner submits evidence establishing a disputed issue of fact that the practitioner was denied due process, the imposition of identical discipline would result in a grave injustice, or the prior…

    Michael E. Mccabe Jr./ IPethics & INsights- 62 readers -
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