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United Airlines, Inc. (commonly referred to simply as "United") is an American major airline headquartered in Chicago, Illinois. United is a wholly owned subsidiary of United Continental Holdings following a $3 billion merger in 2010. The airline was previously owned, at one point in its history, by The Boeing Company, one of the world's largest aircraft manufacturers. Since its merger with Continental Airlines, the company boasts more revenue passenger miles than any airline in the world.United operates out of 10 (Cleveland ends June 2014) airline hubs in the continental United States, Guam, and Japan.
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  • United Airlines Gets Millions of Gov’t $$$ – Aviation Whistleblower Post

    … technicians to dumpster dive for parts. We have now learned that United Airlines holds millions of dollars of government contracts for air traffic control operations and air charter service. The agencies contracting for these services include the Department of Defense and the Veterans Administration. These contracts are in addition to the millions…

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  • Forbes

    … throwing around his case when changing planes in Chicago. After a year of processing his claim, United denied to pay anything. Dave Carroll launched this video in response. As of today, it has over 17 million views. Here is a video of Dave talking about Flight #3411. Takeaway: Companies who fail to learn from past mistakes are destined to repeat them. The post Forbes appeared first on Mahany Law. …

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  • Insider Louisville

    … their seats. NBC News, CNN, and ABC News report a scorpion stung Richard Bell on a United flight from Houston to Calgary. His wife Linda Bell said he felt something fall onto his head and when he reached up to swipe it away, it stung him on his hand. It fell on his lunch tray and he knocked it away again, this time into the aisle, prompting another…

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  • International Business Times

    … communicable diseases, if they’re drunk, if they’re violent, you can remove them,” he said. “If they don’t turn off their cell phone when they’re supposed to, you can remove them. If they won’t obey lawful instructions from a crew member, you can remove them. But telling someone, ‘Hey, we’ve overbooked, get off the plane,’ that wouldn’t be a lawful…

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  • United Airlines Deep Dark Secret

    … was dismissed on technical grounds in November of 2016. Grant’s lawsuit was filed in North Carolina. Unfortunately, that is one of several states where whistleblowers must have actual examples of misconduct. Although Grant worked at United Airlines for 28 years and witnessed fraud on a daily basis, he couldn’t point to a specific incident…

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  • Can You Be Removed from an Overbooked Flight?

    …. Although she didn’t resist, police in Montgomery, Alabama arrested her anyway. Her refusal to give up a seat provides valuable lessons for today’s airline passengers. Fast forward to 2017 and the advent of cell phone cameras. No airline wants a public relations nightmare. United Airline’s stock dropped by almost $1 billion as a result of the bad…

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  • Whistleblower: United Airlines Does Shoddy Maintenance Work

    … technicians who spoke up about the fraud? Using trash materials? As to the latter, Grant’s complaint alleges that one supervisor said when questioned about dumpster diving for jet engine parts, “that’s not garbage, that’s gold.” Making things worse, Grant claims that United billed the Air Force for new parts even when using recycled junk. Judge Dismisses…

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  • Regional Carrier Republic Airways Files for Bankruptcy Protection

    … protection. As is usually the case, there are several reasons behind the filing. Republic is mainly composed of smaller planes that are utilized by some of the larger companies such as Delta, American Airlines, United Airlines, and US Airways. Although it offers around 1,000 flights a day, the decision had to be made due to several bad quarters. The filing…

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  • The Limits of the Foreign Income Exclusion

    … Land: Seamen and Airline Workers In the past, airline workers flying international routes and seamen considered the pay received for services performed at sea or in the air as foreign earned income and filed their taxes accordingly. In a recent, groundbreaking court ruling, a United Airlines flight attendant who was a US taxpayer and lived in Hong…

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