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United Airlines, Inc. (commonly referred to simply as "United") is an American major airline headquartered in Chicago, Illinois. United is a wholly owned subsidiary of United Continental Holdings following a $3 billion merger in 2010. The airline was previously owned, at one point in its history, by The Boeing Company, one of the world's largest aircraft manufacturers. Since its merger with Continental Airlines, the company boasts more revenue passenger miles than any airline in the world.United operates out of 10 (Cleveland ends June 2014) airline hubs in the continental United States, Guam, and Japan.
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  • United Airlines Gets Millions of Gov’t $$$ – Aviation Whistleblower Post

    … Airlines cutting corners on its VA and Defense Department contracts? That is what we are investigating. And we need your help. An Aviation Whistleblower Can a Earn Significant Award Under the federal False Claims Act, whistleblowers with inside information about government contracting fraud can earn significant cash awards. To qualify…

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  • Forbes

    …Five Lessons From United Airlines About Handling A Customer Experience Gone Bad by Stan Phelps | Link to original source (88K) Unless you live under a rock, you are most likely aware of United Airlines most recent misstep. A passenger who had boarded a plane was involuntarily bumped, asked to leave his seat and then was forcibly removed. Refer…

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  • International Business Times

    … instruction.” LawNewz, a website run by legal correspondent Dan Abrams, agreed that the company acted illegally when it forced the passenger to de-plane. The Department of Transportation’s Office of Aviation Enforcement and Proceedings said in a statement Tuesday that it had begun reviewing what happened on the flight. “The Department remains…

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  • United Airlines Deep Dark Secret

    … United Airlines is no stranger to bad press. Remember the professional musicians who helplessly watched their expensive guitars destroyed by United ground personnel? That little incident launched years of bad publicity after the band recorded a song entitled United Destroys Guitars. The guitar incident was in 2008. Things have only become worse…

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  • Can You Be Removed from an Overbooked Flight?

    … The video of Dr. David Dao being dragged down the aisle of United Airlines flight is still fresh in everyone’s mind. If you haven’t seen it by now, you are one of the few. The videos have gone viral on YouTube and have been viewed millions of times. Probably worse than the incident itself is United Airlines ham-fisted “apology.” CEO Oscar Munoz…

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  • Whistleblower: United Airlines Does Shoddy Maintenance Work

    … Last year, a former aviation maintenance technician for United Airlines filed a federal whistleblower lawsuit against the company and accused the airline of shoddy aircraft maintenance. Last week a federal judge in Charleston, South Carolina tossed the suit but said he would give the whistleblower thirty days to file a new complaint with better…

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  • Regional Carrier Republic Airways Files for Bankruptcy Protection

    … Regional Carrier Republic Airways Files for Bankruptcy Protection Posted on Mar 02, 2016 By Joshua Lawhorn March 2, 2016 by Joshua Lawhorn While most major airlines are seeing record profits, the success does not seem to be trickling down to the smaller carriers. On Thursday, Republic Airways Holdings filed for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy…

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  • The Limits of the Foreign Income Exclusion

    … Land: Seamen and Airline Workers In the past, airline workers flying international routes and seamen considered the pay received for services performed at sea or in the air as foreign earned income and filed their taxes accordingly. In a recent, groundbreaking court ruling, a United Airlines flight attendant who was a US taxpayer and lived in Hong…

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