• Thousands turn out at Sanders rally

    … Current news at our Firm and reports from the front line on breaking news for employees. We update you on current issues in our field and explain how they affect your legal rights in the workplace. Whether it's a new statute a new court decision, an election or tips on how to protect yourself at work, read about it here and learn how…

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  • Union Officials: Are They Subject to Employer Discipline?

    … By Heather Hettiarachchi, Lawyer. When an employee becomes a union official, this changes her status significantly and places her in the situation of having to discharge two very different and contradictory roles. On the one hand, she must continue to abide by the rules and policies that govern the workplace in her capacity as employee…

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  • The fraud called “free trade”

    … In this video, Representative Alan Grayson explains how “free trade” hurts American workers and lowers our standard of living. We don’t need another NAFTA. Call or email your congressional representatives and tell them to oppose Fast Track on President Obama’s classified Trans-Pacific Partnership deal…

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