Uniform Commercial Code

The Uniform Commercial Code (UCC), first published in 1952, is one of a number of uniform acts that have been promulgated to harmonize the law of sales and other commercial transactions in all 50 states within the United States of America.
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    … the Department liable to the factor for these payments, hence the risk of double payment. If you receive notification from a factor requiring you to make payment directly to it under an account receivable you owe to another, do NOT ignore it. You do not want to be on the hook twice for the same payment. Please contact David Adelstein at dadelstein@gmail.com or (954) 361-4720 if you have questions or would like more information regarding this article. You can follow David Adelstein on Twitter @DavidAdelstein1. …

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  • Selling Goods Internationally and Strange Coincidences

    … in that afternoon’s blog post. The lawyer contacted me regarding a case he’s working on and wanted to get the input of someone experienced in international commercial law. Here’s a bit of the background: Client, a U.S. buyer, purchases goods from a seller in India. There’s no formal contract, just sort of a handshake agreement between…

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  • Sales of Goods and the Uniform Commercial Code

    … Sales of Goods and the Uniform Commercial Code If you’ve been reading this blog lately, you’ve probably noticed a theme developing with the Uniform Commercial Code. As the set of statutes that defines things like sales of goods, negotiable instruments, investment property, and security interests, it relates to much of what we consider “business…

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  • The Legal Side of Developing a New Product

    …, but there are also several legal considerations that must be dealt with before taking your product to market. Intellectual Property Rights Is the product a new and useful machine, process, or other composition of matter? Is it novel and not obvious to someone familiar with those types of products and the industry? If you answered yes to both of these…

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  • Understanding and Perfecting Security Interests

    … Understanding and Perfecting Security Interests In my last post, I talked a little about what a security interest is: an interest in property that secures an obligation. In many cases, the obligation is a debt and the property securing it is related to the debt. When you borrow money to buy a house, the loan is secured by the real estate. If you…

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  • Understanding Security Interests (Pt. 1)

    … Understanding Security Interests (Pt. 1) Practically everyone has loaned someone else money. Your kids, your friends, your family–all these people have likely enjoyed the benefits of your generosity. You’ve probably been on the receiving end of lenders before as well, in the nature of a mortgage, car loan, business financing, etc. But especially…

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