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  • Whistleblower Suit Against Quicken Loans Proceeds

    … appraisers and underwriters to fudge numbers simply to close loans. They say he has defrauded taxpayers of millions of dollars. In April of 2015, the U.S. Department of Justice sued Quicken Loans under the False Claims Act, a Civil War anti-fraud statute. The government wants Quicken to pay tens of millions in fines and penalties. According…

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  • United Airlines Gets Millions of Gov’t $$$ – Aviation Whistleblower Post

    … maintenance, the claims could mean the difference of life and death. If you have knowledge of United Airlines (or any other airline or contractor) cutting corners on any work for the government, we want to know. Every inquiry is protected by the attorney client privilege and kept strictly confidential. Even if you do not hire us or decide…

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  • When Whistleblowers Do Things “Their Way”

    … stiffing Uncle Sam. Unfortunately, he didn’t have proof. Under the Act, whistleblowers qualify for an award if they have inside information. The information must relate to fraud involving government funds or programs. Usually, one also must be the first to file. With the right lawyer and information, these cases do a tremendous good for society…

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  • Oil Royalty Payments Scam? – Could Be a Great Whistleblower Claim!

    … of the property or the minerals under it. Most oil royalty payments are expressed as a percentage of the revenues from the sale of the oil. If a well generates a million in oil revenues, a 5% royalty would generate $50,000. A little known agency called the Mineral Management Service (MMS) keeps track of these royalty payments. And our two auditors…

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  • Does Universal Health Services Kidnap Patients?

    …, and chemical restraints, bad patient care, medication theft, you name it. The entire industry has very little oversight…” We are shocked by the allegations but have heard similar stories before. Private psychiatric hospitals make their money by filling up beds. As long as Uncle Sam or a private insurance plan is paying for a patient’s stay…

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  • Red State, Blue State – Construction Whistleblowers Can Rejoice

    … prosecuted cases where businesses misuse a DBE (“disadvantaged business enterprise”) designation. When billions of dollars are involved, fraudsters can be quite resourceful in coming up with new ways to cheat taxpayers and Uncle Sam. We believe that whistleblowers are the new American heroes. With billions of new transportation spending on the horizon…

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  • BB&T Pays $83 Million Settles Mortgage False Claims Act Beef

    … the bank. HUD requires robust quality control monitoring and self-reporting. If you are going to issue taxpayer insured loans, Uncle Sam wants to make sure you continuously and careful monitor those loans and quickly report problems BB&T’s quality control department requested staff to comply with the monitoring requirements but was ignored for years…

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  • Benistar Founder in Jail – Finally (419 Plans Post)

    … every instance, they are considered to be abusive tax shelters by the IRS. Worse, just having one can subject you to an IRS penalty of up to $200,000 per year for simply having the plan and not telling Uncle Sam about it. That’s right, the IRS requires that you report abusive tax shelters each year on a special form, IRS form 8886, Reportable…

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  • Arab Company Tries to Dodge Whistleblower Suit

    … Trying to sue a company that claims it is based in Kuwait is no easy task. Whistleblower Kamal Mustafa Al-Sultan, himself a Kuwaiti, is learning that lesson after suing Public Warehousing Co KSC in Georgia. The suit has been dragging on since 2005 but now Uncle Sam is jumping in and telling a court that Public Warehousing should stop dragging its…

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  • Cyberhacking I Cybersecurity Whistleblower Awards

    … on banks. Earlier hacks were almost always aimed at individual bank customers but as organized crime and foreign banks become more involved in cybercrime, the banks themselves are becoming the targets. In February 2016, sophisticated hackers attempted to steal $951 million from the Bangladesh Bank. While some may think this has nothing to do…

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  • Counterfeit Parts and Whistleblower Awards

    … Counterfeit Parts and Whistleblower Awards September 10, 2016 by Brian Mahany The U.S. Department of Defense (DOD) spends billions of dollars each year on parts. Aircraft parts, electronics for ship navigation systems, even parts for firearms. When Uncle Sam writes a check for these parts it wants assurances that the parts are genuine…

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  • Whistleblower Helps Feds Nab Medicare Fraud Suspect

    … to help homebound patients that couldn’t travel to medical appointments to instead receive care at home. The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) prefers home care because it is usually less expensive than housing someone in a skilled nursing facility. Patients like it because they can remain in their home and retain more independence…

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  • Whistleblower Awards for Banks That Hide Fraud Losses

    … symbolized Wall Street for years. Not quite. We are hearing from some compliance officers that they are either being ignored or told to not rock the boat. A good case in point are fraud losses. Banks have internal rules that require the audit committee and board of directors be notified when fraud losses exceed a certain dollar limit per day…

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  • BREAKING: Supreme Court Hears Implied Certification Whistleblower Case

    … History was made yesterday. The United States Supreme Court heard oral arguments in Universal Health Services vs. United States of America ex rel Escobar. How the court decides will impact the whistleblower community for years to come. At the heart of the controversy is the so-called “implied certification” doctrine. When the False Claims Act…

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  • When in Doubt, Sue! (“Panama Papers”)

    …). Since the Panama papers story broke, the law firm continues to say that it has done nothing wrong. Unfortunately, one lawyer from the firm allegedly admitted that 95% of the shell corporations they form are used for tax evasion purposes. Already, plaintiffs lawyers representing the clients of these banks are gearing up law suits against…

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