Twitter is an online social networking and microblogging service that enables users to send and read short 140-character text messages, called "tweets". Registered users can read and post tweets, but unregistered users can only read them. Users access Twitter through the website interface, SMS, or mobile device app. Twitter Inc. is based in San Francisco and has offices in New York City, Boston, San Antonio and Detroit.Twitter was created in March 2006 by Jack Dorsey, Evan Williams, Biz Stone and Noah Glass and by July 2006, the site was launched. The service rapidly gained worldwide popularity, with 500 million registered users in 2012, who posted 340 million tweets per day.
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      When an owner receives a construction lien, an owner should serve the lienor with a Request for Sworn Statement of Account. The Request for Sworn Statement is authorized by Florida Statute s. 713.16(2) and should be in the following form: REQUEST FOR SWORN STATEMENT OF ACCOUNT WARNING: YOUR FAILURE TO FURNISH THE REQUESTED STATEMENT, SIGNED UNDER OATH, WITHIN 30 DAYS OR TH ...

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      The good ole duty to defend. Certainly, a duty that should not be overlooked. A commercial general liability insurer has two duties to its insured when it comes to third-party claims: 1) the duty to defend its insured and 2) the duty to indemnify its insured. The insurer’s duty to defend its insured will always be broader than its duty to indemnify because this duty is tr ...

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      In insurance coverage declaratory relief actions, there are times an insured will argue that the insurance policy coverage is illusory. Typically, an insured will raise this illusory argument if its insurer is denying coverage based on an exclusion or limitation in the policy. If a court agrees and deems the coverage illusory, the court will construe the policy to afford cove ...

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  • Google AdWords Basics

    … of digital advertising like Facebook or Twitter ads. Other forms of digital advertising can have cheaper acquisition costs per lead and fewer competitors. You’re going to need Google Tag Manager. Google AdWords can give you information about how users interact with your advertisements; but what about after that? Google AdWords isn’t designed to track…

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  • Link Building For Lawyers

    … power to maximize your social signals, starting with including social sharing buttons on your website. (e.g., LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter) For more in depth reading on how to build links, Point Blank SEO has compiled a comprehensive list of link building tactics that is worth a read. Need Help? Our legal marketing team at Stacey E. Burke…

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  • How Long Does an Uncontested Divorce Take in Oregon

    … a long delay in finalizing your divorce. Tom Brasier is an experienced family law attorney practicing in Oregon and Washington. He specializes in divorce, uncontested divorce, custody, and protective orders. You can contact Tom at Brasier Law by calling 1 (503) 855-4777 or by using the contact form below. Find us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. …

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  • Why Email Marketing and Social Media Go Hand In Hand

    … Email and social media marketing are two of the most established and effective digital marketing tactics used today. With such a strong inflation in social media use these days, people often question whether email marketing is still even relevant. While it’s true that 83% of marketers agree that social media is important for businesses, email…

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  • A Video is Worth a Thousand Words

    … of digital platforms. Embed the videos in your website, share them on Facebook or Twitter, include them in your law firm’s next e-newsletter, or utilize them to build out your Google My Business or Yelp profiles. Creating video testimonials is an incredibly worthwhile investment for a law firm of any size, and can go a long way toward setting one…

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    … The significant issues test to determine the prevailing party in construction lien actions (which, by the way, also applies to breach of contract actions) applies to appellate attorney’s fees too! Under this test, the trial court has discretion to determine which party prevailed on the significant issues of the case for purposes of attorney’s…

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  • Twitter Tips For Lawyers

    … Pages. But with Twitter, lawyers remain reluctant to adopt. These days, world politics appears in full effect on Twitter all day everyday, causing more people to use the social network now than ever before. If 83% of world leaders have Twitter accounts and can drop their opinions and thoughts in real time, we lawyers certainly can too. It’s Always…

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    … Public payment bonds (excluding FDOT payment bonds) are governed under Florida statute s. 255.05. As it pertains to venue—the location to sue a public payment bond–the statute provides in relevant portion: (5) In addition to the provisions of chapter 47, any action authorized under this section may be brought in the county in which…

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  • The Dos and Don’ts for Lawyers on Reddit

    … You’re an expert when it comes to social media and you know all there is to know about posting and audience building on your firm’s Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn channels. Now what? Believe it or not, the fun doesn’t stop at those major social media platforms. The next destination in your online social adventure is one you might not expect…

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