Truck Accidents

    • Truck Accident Risks Increase Around the Holidays

      The holidays bring hustle and bustle to all our lives, and holiday shopping seems to top everyone’s to-do list. Whether you shop online or at the mall, all that merchandise has to come from somewhere. It’s not a fleet of reindeer that brings the goods—it’s a gigantic fleet of over-the-road trucks. The holidays bring more truck traffic, and that means more truck accidents.

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    • How to Avoid a Truck Collision

      You and your loved ones rely on city streets and interstate highways on a daily basis to get to school, work, or other places. You also share the roadways with large trucks who are using these roads to move freight. Unfortunately, truck collisions are common and can result in serious injuries or even death.

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    • Managing an Accident Involving Commercial Trucks

      Traffic accidents involving commercial trucks, including tractor-trailer rigs, cause thousands of injuries each year. If you were in a traffic accident in the Philadelphia area that involved a commercial truck, seek professional assistance to deal with the complicated liability issues that will arise. Protect your rights and explore your compensation options. The Levin Firm can help.

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  • Law Makers Weigh Pros & Cons of Automated Trucks

    … are not small hurdles. Yet lawmakers are already taking a look at what automated cars and trucks mean for U.S. roads and economy. If the potential safety benefits are true and they could reduce personal injury and wrongful death claims, Congress may push these types of vehicles forward. If you or a loved one has been hurt in a truck accident, call a Chicago…

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  • Drowsy Driving. How Unsafe is Driving While Fatigued?

    … at the wheel: Young people: More than half of fatigue-related accidents under 25 years of age. Night shift workers: often suffer from sleep deprivation, are much more likely to crash their cars – especially on their way home after a shift. People who suffer from sleep apnea: pauses in breathing that disrupt deep sleep, afflict one in three men and one…

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  • The Unique Risks Associated with Semi-Truck Accidents

    … When negligent truck drivers cause accidents on Pennsylvania roadways, these drivers and their employer trucking companies may be on the line for negligence—and for the injuries and damages sustained by innocent accident victims. Semi-trucks and tractor-trailers are unique in that they have the potential to cause serious jackknife accidents…

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  • What Causes Truck Drivers to Lose Control and Crash?

    …, Pennsylvania, truck accident lawyer. The Levin Firm is here to help. We have the knowledge, dedication, and skill to fight for your claim’s most beneficial outcome. Please contact or call us at (215) 825-5183 today. The post What Causes Truck Drivers to Lose Control and Crash? appeared first on . …

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  • Sideswipe Accidents Involving 18-Wheeler Trucks

    …Have you been injured in a sideswipe accident involving a semi truck in Texas? Call our law firm today at 1-877-405-4313. Don’t let the truck driver blame a sideswipe accident on you. Let us handle your claim from beginning to end, while you focus on recovering. Our goal is to get you every penny you deserve, and we work on a no-win, no-fee basis…

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  • Truck Underride Accidents

    …If you’ve been injured in a underride truck wreck, call the Dallas 18-wheeler accident attorneys at Rasansky Law Firm. Car accidents involving tractor trailers are often catastrophic on their own, but underride accidents can present additional complications and product liability issues. We can help. Call us at 1-877-405-4313 for a free…

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  • $140,000 Settlement in Wide-Turn Truck Accident

    … The Chicago truck accident lawyers with Staver Law Group recently aided a man after a commercial vehicle attempted to make a wide left turn, but struck his car, which was lawfully stopped at a red light in the lane behind the crosswalk. The occupant of the car was transported via EMS to Holy Cross Hospital where he was treated for some very…

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  • Most Common Defective Truck Parts

    … in an accident because of defective truck parts, then call Staver Law Group at so that we can help you. As highly-skilled and experienced Chicago trucking accident lawyers, you can take comfort in knowing that we will handle your case with diligence and dedication. Bad Brakes Brake failure and misalignment are many times at the heart of trucking…

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  • What Kind of Training is Required for a CDL?

    … in May 2017 to improve highway safety through new federal commercial truck driving regulations. Without question, lack of proper CDL training places everyone on the highway at incredible risk. Contact Chicago Trucking Accident Lawyers to Help Commercial truck drivers and the companies for which they work should never place lives in jeopardy by cutting…

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  • Examples of Common Auto Accident Injuries

    … examples of common auto accident injuries. Head injuries – Most people do not wear helmets inside their cars or trucks. Therefore, the head is generally completely exposed in a crash. Despite airbags that are meant to protect a motorist from hitting his or her head on a steering wheel or dashboard, the head often suffers trauma in a serious crash…

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