Texas Legislature

The Legislature of the state of Texas is the state legislature of Texas. The legislature is a bicameral body composed of a 31-member Senate and a 150-member House of Representatives. The state legislature meets at the Capitol in Austin. It is a powerful arm of the Texas government not only because of its power of the purse to control and direct the activities of state government and the strong constitutional connections between it and the Lieutenant Governor of Texas, but also due to Texas's plural executive.The Legislature is the constitutional successor of the Congress of the Republic of Texas since Texas's 1845 entrance into the Union.
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  • Did You Know That Nursing Homes in Texas are Allowed to Hire Employees with Violent Criminal Histories?

    … on the Texas Legislature’s Public Health Committee, and told News 8 that he wants a more-thorough FBI background check done on all nurse’s aides before they’re certified. Rep. Zedler says that if he’s unable to reform the nurse aide program via regulatory changes, he will file legislation on the topic during Texas’ next legislative session in 2019. The post Did You Know That Nursing Homes in Texas are Allowed to Hire Employees with Violent Criminal Histories? appeared first on Rasansky Law Firm. …

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  • New Texas Law Affecting Hurricane Harvey Property Damage Claims

    … for its agents and employees so that most of these cases will wind up in federal court. As originally filed, the bill would have only addressed claims relating to hailstorms. Unfortunately, it was later amended to include other severe weather-related events including earthquakes, wildfires, floods, tornadoes, lightning, hurricane, wind, snowstorms…

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  • New Laws in Texas for 2017

    …The 85th Texas Legislature has finally concluded, and there are 1,252 new Texas laws on the books. While many of these new laws will affect only a few Texans, some of them will have a big impact on many. We wanted to give our readers a peek at some of these new laws, while explaining (in layman’s terms) what exactly they mean. Here is a quick…

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  • Texas Ranks #1… When It Comes to Bad Drivers

    … The categories that were used to rank each individual state included the following: Rate of fatalities for every 100,000,000 miles driven. Failure to obey motor vehicle laws (traffic signals, failing to wear seat belts, etc.). Drunk driving (percentage of fatal crashes that resulted because of alcohol use). Speeding (percentage of fatalities…

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  • Texas Cities Which Ban Texting and Driving

    … the rest of the nation? Well, Texas has actually passed a ban on texting while driving… In fact, we’ve done it twice. In 2011, the Texas Legislature was successful in passing a statewide ban. Unfortunately (and despite overwhelming public support), it was vetoed by Gov. Rick Perry. Again in 2013, a similar bill was passed with wide bipartisan support…

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  • 1200+ New Laws in Texas; Many to Take Effect in September 2015

    …, services, or facilities. This does not apply to operation of a motor vehicle or airport security, per House Bill 2739, which takes effect on September 1st, 2015.  Three-Year High School Diploma Pilot Program [HB 2025] Schools located within the headwaters of the San Gabriel river which have an enrollment of more than 5,000 but less than 7,000…

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