• Netflix urges FCC to block net mega-merger

    … the proposed giant company monopolistic power with control over half the U.S. broadband in households. The proposed merger, Netflix also contends, would allow the new company to dominate the cable television industry, turning “a consumer’s experience into something that more closely resembles cable television.” Moreover, Netflix says that streaming…

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  • Another Attractive Young Lawyer Turned Reality TV Star

    …Lawyers and reality television: a match made in heaven? Some might regard Andi Dorfman, the beautiful Atlanta prosecutor turned Bachelorette, as a goddess (and some might disagree). Talk of paradise brings us to the latest high-profile reality TV offering: Utopia. This “big, bold, and expensive” Fox show debuted last night to ratings described…

    1 readers - Above the Law
  • Non-Sequiturs: 04.10.14

    …* There's a guy called the "Good-Grammar Bandit" out there and he's a high priority target of the FBI? Allow me to take this opportunity to tell the FBI their doing a good job. [Lowering the Bar] * Some folks have asked me incredulously about yesterday's Non-Sequiturs item about Louisiana and Oregon allowing convictions with non-unanimous juries…

    22 readers - Joe Patrice/ Above the Law
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