• Would You Watch A Reality Show About Contract Attorneys?

      Welcome back to “So You Think You’re A Lawyer!” No one ever says they want to be a contract attorney when they grow up. Slogging through documents, trying to stave off both carpal tunnel and boredom. Somewhere in the back of your mind you might even be harboring a small little glimmer of hope called “a way out.

      Alex Rich/ Above the Law- 9 readers -
    • "The Good Wife" - Cary Pleads Guilty

      Not since she heard that Kalinda had slept with Peter has Alicia cried. Now, in this latest episode, she weeps. That's bacause Cary has pleaded guilty to helping the Bishop operation transport heroin. The big question for the rest of the sixth season is: Will Cary really wind up ...

      Jane Genova/ Law And More- 25 readers -
  • A Charlie Brown Red-Nosed Reindeer

    … If you celebrate Christmas, and even if you don’t, you probably have a favorite Christmas-themed movie. Elf? A Christmas Story? Miracle on 34th Street? National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation? Although not feature films like those, my favorite Christmas-themed masterpiece is the 1964 classic short Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, followed very…

    Martha Engel/ DuetsBlog- 2 readers -
  • Standard Of Review: Why I Don’t Like Law & Order

    … the characters or the plot. With that background about my (now not-so) secret about not liking Law & Order, I hope to write about film, television, books, podcasts or any other type of media that is completely, mostly or partially related to the law. I want to explore what makes these types of stories work, and what makes them not work. And hopefully…

    Above the Law- 4 readers -
  • Teresa Giudice Seeks Revenge Against Attorney In $5M Malpractice Suit

    … television star Teresa Giudice recently filed against her bankruptcy attorney, James A. Kridel. Giudice claims that Kridel’s allegedly shoddy legal work resulted in her having to take a plea deal on bankruptcy fraud-related charges, as well as her 15-month prison sentence. (If you’re interested in seeing the lawsuit in full, flip to the next page.) …

    Staci Zaretsky/ Above the Law- 4 readers -
  • Morning Docket: 12.04.14

    … the street from campus this week. Yikes. [WMC Action News 5] * In case you’ve been sleeping under a rock, Above the Law’s managing editor, David Lat, wrote a book called Supreme Ambitions (affiliate link), and it’s been receiving rave reviews. If you dig clerkship lit, you should try to check it out. [National Law Journal] …

    Staci Zaretsky/ Above the Law- 2 readers -
  • The Legal Rule Behind The Conspiracy At The Root Of HTGAWM

    …, and appears to be advising Wes on exactly how to get away with it. Well if anyone can get away with murder, it’d be Annalise. Alex Rich is a T14 grad and Biglaw refugee who has worked as a contract attorney for the last 7 years… and counting. If you have a story about the underbelly of the legal world known as contract work, email Alex at and be sure to follow Alex on Twitter @AlexRichEsq …

    Alex Rich/ Above the Law- 3 readers -
  • "The Good Wife" - Cary The Enigma

    … Is Cary immature? Is he so smitten with Kalinda that he can't focus on anything else. Or is just an unusual kind of person? On this latest episode of "The Good Wife," the compelling parts of the plot line were all about Cary. He is caught between the probability that Lemond Bishop will off him (his intention to do so was on a tape which Bishop…

    Jane Genova/ Law And More- 3 readers -
  • Bill Cosby aka Dad - Lawyer John P. Schmitt Not Commenting

    … nothing to gain and plenty to lose by engaging in a conversation about alleged sexual misconduct from way back when. He has made his money. He has had his day in the limelight. In the New York Post, Chris Perez reports that Cosby's lawyer John P. Schmitt announced, "Mr. Cosby does not intend to dignify these allegations with any comment." He can…

    Jane Genova/ Law And More- 13 readers -
  • Florrick, Agos & Lockhart - There Could Be An Opening

    … The plot-mover on "The Good Wife" is the suspense about the fate of Cary Agos. Will he offed by client Bishop, a drug dealer, or sent to prison for a long time if convicted by assisting in the transport of heroin? Right now, things don't look good for Cary. Not in his ability to stay alive. And, given his $4,000 long-term apartment rental…

    Jane Genova/ Law And More- 4 readers -
  • Women Lawyers Get Called Out For Their Sexist Advertisements

    … You know, it says “Ever Argued With A Woman?” and the website is I didn’t know women could also be sexist towards women. – Chris Hardwick, host of Comedy Central’s @midnight, commenting on a billboard promoting the legal services of the Advocate Law Group (now known as the Advocate Law Firm), during a segment…

    Staci Zaretsky/ Above the Law- 2 readers -
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