• Why do U.S. TV networks kick up the costs for the rights to World Cup, other global sports?

    As faculty adviser to Southwestern’s International Law Society, Professor Robert E. Lutz (right and below) has encouraged a fun discussion for students, faculty and practicing attorneys called Stammtisch, which is German for “main table” and connotes an informal, friendly group meeting held regularly. At the Sept. 17 Stammtisch, Professor Warren S.

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    • Star Wars: Redefining Trademark and Copyright Law Since A Long Time Ago

      The Star Wars series is truly an exceptional franchise, having broken box office records, creating legions of fans, and bringing the idea of collateral merchandise licensing to an unprecedented level. Also, how many other films are top hits at the box office in three different decades, even when all you’ve done is add a few minutes of extra scenes and made the explosions better? ...
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    • For animators in TV work, a new labor accord

      While many of the Entertainment Law matters that dominate the daily headlines involve litigation, a number of Entertainment’s legal issues also get settled through private negotiations outside the media glare: Just this weekend, for example, SAG-AFTRA’s Executive Board ratified new contracts –the TV Animation Agreement and Basic Cable Animation Agreement.
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    • Non-Sequiturs: 10.17.14

      … to read law review articles is hard enough; why put them behind a wall? [TaxProf Blog] * It’s funny that Floridian lawyers are having such a bad reaction to Bad Judge, since the show could actually be reality TV down there. [Daily Business Review (sub. req.)] * Career advice: if you aspire to the federal judiciary, try to avoid writing blog posts about…

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    • For animators in TV work, a new labor accord

      … that it is beginning negotiations for The National Code of Fair Practice for Network Television Broadcasting, which covers syndicated dramatic programs, daytime serials, promotional announcements, variety, quiz, game, reality, talk, news, sports and other non-dramatic programs. The current contract expires Nov. 15 and negotiations with the Alliance of Motion…

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    • Non-Sequiturs: 10.13.14

      …* Florida State QB Jameis Winston is still in a heap of legal trouble and it turns out his best legal move might just be to drop out. It’d save him the trouble of getting demolished by Mississippi State. [Sports Illustrated] * A follow-up on the Yale Law/Colombia Prostitution/Secret Service/Obama scandal. An amateur poet was hot on this story from…

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    • Will millions curb Calif.’s runaway film trade?

      … While California, specifically Hollywood, is the legendary film and television capital of the planet, productions have been fleeing to shoot in other states. New York, Louisiana, Georgia — to name but a few competing states — and other countries abroad not only have coveted but they’ve snatched Hollywood’s runaway business, arguably in some…

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    • Non-Sequiturs: 09.24.14

      …* Quiz: Can you match the picture of the plaintiff to the landmark Supreme Court decision? [Slate] * Ninth Circuit expedites Ed O'Bannon appeal. [USAToday] * New NBC comedy about a law student who becomes a garbage man. Better job security, I suppose. [The A.V. Club] * The federal prison population declined by about 4800 inmates, giving the United…

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    • Personal Brand Management for Retirees (…of the NFL)

      …Dozens of former NFL players lit up the federal court docket here in Minnesota with filings on Monday targeted at Defendants including the National Football League, NFL Films, Inc., and NFL Productions, LLC. The retired players’ suit is the latest in a line of cases dating back to about 2009 when former players first brought claims alleging…

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    • Netflix urges FCC to block net mega-merger

      … the proposed giant company monopolistic power with control over half the U.S. broadband in households. The proposed merger, Netflix also contends, would allow the new company to dominate the cable television industry, turning “a consumer’s experience into something that more closely resembles cable television.” Moreover, Netflix says…

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