• Women Lawyers Get Called Out For Their Sexist Advertisements

      You know, it says “Ever Argued With A Woman?” and the website is I didn’t know women could also be sexist towards women. – Chris Hardwick, host of Comedy Central’s @midnight, commenting on a billboard promoting the legal services of the Advocate Law Group (now known as the Advocate Law Firm), during a segment on the show w ...

      Staci Zaretsky/ Above the Law- 2 readers -
    • Florrick, Agos & Lockhart - There Could Be An Opening

      The plot-mover on "The Good Wife" is the suspense about the fate of Cary Agos. Will he offed by client Bishop, a drug dealer, or sent to prison for a long time if convicted by assisting in the transport of heroin? Right now, things don't look good for Cary. Not in his ability to stay alive. And, given his $4,000 long-term apartment rental, not in an acquittal by a jury.

      Jane Genova/ Law And More- 3 readers -
  • The Legal Rule Behind The Conspiracy At The Root Of HTGAWM

    … Ed. note: Another in Alex’s series of HTGAWM recaps for Redline. Well, well. The mid-season finale for How To Get Away With Murder certainly delivered what it promised. After hocking the #WhoKilledSam hashtag for a week they answered the question we didn’t even know we cared about. But, perhaps more relevantly they answered why would five people…

    Alex Rich/ Above the Law- 1 readers -
  • "The Good Wife" - Cary The Enigma

    … verified saying) and going to prison for years. Yet, Cary remains consumed with Kalinda. So, in fact, is Lana, the FBI agent. In bed she tells Kalinda she wants more of a relationship. Obviously, Kalinda is relishing being caught between two lovers. After Cary telling her off last week and we assumed that was the end of it, Kalinda slips…

    Jane Genova/ Law And More- 3 readers -
  • Bill Cosby aka Dad - Lawyer John P. Schmitt Not Commenting

    … How those caught in a scandal handle themselves on the legal and media fronts is a very businesslike undertaking. Risk and probable gain/loss are carefully calculated. That's why those in assorted kinds of pickles hire lawyers and public relations reps who have the business world down cold. Both might have told Bill Cosby that at age 77 he has…

    Jane Genova/ Law And More- 10 readers -
  • Sleeping Pill Zombie Murders In Week 8 Of HTGAWM

    … as “who killed Laura Palmer,” and just think, that was before social media made such queries ubiquitous. At least it’s an interesting little case of the week. So lets delve into the world of Ambien Zombie murders. Continue reading over at Redline… …

    Alex Rich/ Above the Law- 1 readers -
  • Nina and Alicia - Grabber v. Charmer

    … contrasting models of female striving, presented so brilliantly, are why we can't get enough of either television show. The shows' shrewd creators made them legal dramas (soap operas), which is a genre which has thrived since "Perry Mason." Here is a deconstruction of the space in New York Magazine. In early Americana, before radio and television, attending…

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  • The Thrill Of Motion Practice On How To Get Away With Murder

    … The legal farce is over. On a TV show about lawyers and would-be lawyers you’d think it might not take until week 7 to get to that point, but well you’d be wrong about that. Week 7 is when HTGAWM finally drops the farcical convention of a “case of the week” — yes, the idea that Annalise, no matter how amazing of an attorney she’s supposed…

    Alex Rich/ Above the Law- 2 readers -
  • Post-Virgin Galactic Crash - Edelman Public Relations Parachutes In

    … After a disaster such as the fatal crash of the Virgin Galactic rocket plane, there is a lot more going on than just the search for the cause and speculation about liability. The court of public opinion also goes hyper. To manage that, Edelman Public Relations, which is handling the University of North Carolina "shadow curriculum" crisis, has…

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  • Non-Sequiturs: 11.03.14

    … * Floridian women lawyers got their wish: Bad Judge, plagued by bad ratings, is getting canceled. [Daily Business Review] * A round-up of write-ups about today’s oral arguments in the Israel / Jerusalem passport case. [How Appealing] * Interesting reflections from Professor Glenn Reynolds on the controversial catcalling video. [USA Today via…

    David Lat/ Above the Law- 1 readers -
  • Mayhem: Ahem, Metaphorically Speaking

    … Metaphors are a good choice for trademarks. A metaphor typically requires some thought, imagination or perception to understand the connection between the mark and what’s for sale. Remember what a floating feather might suggest metaphorically? Yes, a good night’s sleep. So, the symbol works well as a distinctive non-verbal trademark…

    Steve Baird/ DuetsBlog- 2 readers -
  • Non-Sequiturs: 10.27.14

    … * After being temporarily suspended as part of “Porngate” for trafficking in “highly demeaning portrayals of members of various segments of the population, including women, elderly persons, and uniformed school girls,” Seamus McCaffrey retires from the Pennsylvania Supreme Court. [Philadelphia Daily News] * A group of women lawyers in Miami has…

    Joe Patrice/ Above the Lawin Pennsylvania -
  • FCC No Longer to Blackout Sporting Events

    … negotiated agreements between the leagues and broadcast rights holders. As lucrative as advertising and broadcast deals are, leagues still want fans in the seats first and foremost. The blackouts were meant to incentivize attendance of live games: unable to watch on television, fans would be more likely to purchase tickets. The FCC rules protected these…

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