A sport utility vehicle or suburban utility vehicle (SUV) is a vehicle similar to a station wagon or estate car, usually equipped with four-wheel drive for on- or off-road ability. Some SUVs include the towing capacity of a pickup truck with the passenger-carrying space of a minivan or large sedan.Popular in the late-1990s and early–mid-2000s, SUVs sales temporarily declined due to high oil prices and a declining economy. The traditional truck-based SUV is gradually being supplanted by the crossover SUV, which uses an automobile platform for lighter weight and better fuel efficiency, as a response to much of the criticism of sport utility vehicles.
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  • Tesla Autopilot Fatality Rate

    … with insurance or fighting for your recovery through a personal injury claim in court. At Staver Law Group, we understand how to fight for your compensation after a collision and will aggressively represent your interests in court and with insurers. Call Staver Law Group today . The post Tesla Autopilot Fatality Rate appeared first on Staver Law Group PC. …

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  • Types of Motor Vehicle Accidents

    …, these types of accidents are usually unforeseen, often resulting in catastrophic injuries or fatalities. Vehicle Rollovers — SUVs and pickup trucks are usually designed and manufactured with a high center of gravity. This can make them easy to tip over or violently roll in a serious collision. Accidents of this nature may even lead to a product…

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  • Blind Spots for Trucks and Cars

    … checks when making a lane change. How an Illinois Car Accident Lawyer Can Help You Additionally, before backing out of the driveway, it’s best to ensure there’s nothing directly behind the car – particularly if the driver has children or there are many children in the neighborhood. A driver should also stop at the sidewalk and before fully backing…

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  • Issues with Crash Avoidance Technology

    … new vehicle they build. These manufacturers include: · Audi · Ford · Mazda · Toyota · Volvo · BMW · General Motors · Mercedes-Benz · Tesla · Volkswagon You cannot always rely on crash avoidance systems Though these systems do protect motorists from accidents and resulting injuries, they are not infallible. If fact, the following are some…

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  • I Was Injured As A Passenger In A Car Accident – Who Is Liable?

    … Passenger occupant vehicles such as cars, minivans, and SUVs account for the largest portion of motor-vehicle accident related deaths each year.1 Sustaining a serious injury during a car accident is not limited to the driver of a vehicle, since every individual is at risk for injury or death when involved in an automobile accident. When…

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  • How to Avoid Backover Accidents and Protect Your Child

    … in order to minimize the relatively large blind zone. The average blind zone radius is approximately 15 to 25 feet, and can be even wider for trucks and SUVs. The good news is that last year a new regulation called the Cameron Gulbransen Kids Transportation Safety Act was enacted that introduced more rigorous rear visibility standards. Starting in May…

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  • Auto Defects

    … across the United States. Auto Defects In the News One major auto recall in the past decade is from Ford-Firestone. In 2000, numerous Firestone tire treads separated on the Explorer SUVs, causing the tires to openly malfunction. There were at least 119 deaths attributed to the Ford-Firestone defects. Consequently, hundreds of product liability…

  • Preventing Rollover Accidents

    … and certain collisions make rollovers possible in any vehicle, especially more top-heavy models like SUVs, pickups and vans. Because of the severity of their consequences, it is important to do everything we can to prevent these often deadly accidents from happening. When you consider that over 80 percent of rollover crashes are single-car crashes…

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  • Crushed Roofs

    … windows, windshields, or doors. Stronger roofs that withstand a roll over or other impact save lives. Since 1973, Federal Motor Vehicle safety standards have required that vehicle roofs be strong enough to withstand an impact of 1.5 times the weight of the car. Many modern SUVs and pickups are exempt from these standards because they are heavier than…

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  • Dangers of Low Air Pressure in Tires

    … causes steering instability, and you may lose control of your vehicle. Large cars, like SUVs, are prone to rollovers after suffering a blowout. It’s estimated that 41 people die every year in accidents caused by blowouts due to under-inflated tires, and over a thousand more are injured. Avoid a Dangerous Situation Maintaining proper tire pressure…

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  • Driverless Cars and Pedestrian Accidents

    … pedestrian safety. Driverless Cars and Google Google recently released data from a pilot test of driverless cars. Twenty three driverless SUVs have been in field testing in California since 2009. The autonomous vehicle fleet logged 1.7 million miles in six years and were involved in 11 minor accidents. Google’s detailed reports documenting the accidents…

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  • Who Can I Sue if the Brakes on My Car Failed and I Sustained Injuries as a Result?

    … their economic and non-economic losses. To discuss your case with one of the experienced St. Louis car accident lawyers of Bruning Legal, call our office today at 314-898-3078. References: 1 2 Related Posts SMOKE DETECTOR RECALL 33 commercial grade smoke detectors…

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