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    • Implied Terms in Employment Contracts: Part 1

      By Geoff Mason. Employment contracts come in all shapes and sizes. They vary in terms of detail, style and substance. There’s one thing they all have in common, however. Every employment agreement is FULL of implied terms. An “implied term” is best understood when compared with an “express term”, which is a contractual term that two parties explicitly agree to, either orally or in writing.

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    • Japanese Vending Machines: The High Cost of Low-Skilled Labour

      Contributor, Geoff Mason. If you’ve ever been to Japan, you’ve probably noticed the bevy of vending machines. They’re everywhere. In fact, there are approximately 23 vending machines for every person in Japan. For a population of 127 million people, that’s, well…a lot of vending machines. Source: Okinawa Travel Guide Why, you may ask? There’s more than one explanation for ...

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  • Implied Terms in Employment Contracts: Part 2 (Employers)

    … Earlier this month, I blogged about certain implied contractual terms that govern employees’ conduct. (You’ll remember that an implied term is one that is not written down anywhere or explicitly agreed to by employer and employee, but still has the same legal force as does an express term.) In today’s post, I continue my focus on implied terms…

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  • Seasonal Worker Series (Part 1): Fixed-Term Contracts

    …. Just be mindful of the risks and have an employer lawyer draft or review the contract before it’s signed. Your other option is to use a contract of indefinite term, i.e. one without a specific end date. This avoids the risks described above, but means you will have to give your employee notice of termination or severance. To limit these obligations…

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  • Workplace Discrimination: A Question of Power and Authority

    … not fall within the meaning of section 13. The Tribunal disagreed and found that it had jurisdiction over the matter. The Company and Mr. Schrenk then asked the BC Supreme Court to overturn the Tribunal’s decision; the Court agreed with the Tribunal, however, finding that the alleged discrimination fell within section 13. Undeterred, Mr. Schrenk…

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  • Words from Simon: What Employers Need to Know about Family Law

    … at first, there are actually many ways that family law-related issues can impact both employees and employers. In 2016, approximately 33% of marriages ended in divorce – and this number only increases if you include common law relationships that came to an end. Given these figures, it’s extremely likely that a business owner will have one or more…

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