• Why Trump is wrong about transgenders serving in the military

    … If their heart calls them to service, if they are prepared to fight, bleed and die for the Country, their Country should welcome their service and praise their patriotism. It’s that simple. Donald Trump is the last person on Earth to judge those prepared to lay down their lives in military service. He is an abominable, cruel sadist who never had…

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  • Ageism is all around us

    … We cannot forget that ageism is the most socially condoned form of discrimination in the United States. This clip from SNL reminds us of some common ageist stereotypes. Carvey’s character is called “Grumpy Old Man.” Grumpiness would be the first ageist stereotype. The “resistant to change” stereotype is also prominent. What other age-based stereotypes do you perceive? Tags: stereotyping …

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  • Court finds sexual orientation discrimination is sex discrimination

    … discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation is, at its very core, sex stereotyping plain and simple; there is no line separating the two. Contra Prowel, 579 F.3d at 291 (“[T]he line between sexual orientation discrimination and discrimination “because of sex” can be difficult to draw.”). It is, in the view of the undersigned, a distinction without…

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