Stepney is a district of the London Borough of Tower Hamlets in London's East End that grew out of a medieval village around St Dunstan's church and the 15th century ribbon development of Mile End Road. The area built up rapidly in the 19th century, mainly to accommodate immigrant workers and displaced London poor, and developed a reputation for poverty, overcrowding, violence and political dissent. It was severely damaged during the Blitz, with over a third of housing totally destroyed; and then, in the 1960s, slum clearance and development replaced most residential streets with tower blocks and modern housing estates.
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  • Paradise Lost – Firing an Employee on Vacation

    … to be relaxing and enjoyable, can cause undue stress for the employee, resulting in an award of aggravated damages. For example, in Bigelow v. T.C. Mobile Vessels Ltd., the Alberta Provincial Court found that terminating an employee on vacation contributed to the employer’s breach of the duty of good faith and fair dealing in the manner of termination…

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  • Why Cash Isn’t King: Lessons for Small Businesses

    … employers to pay statutory holiday pay, and Part 7 requires employers to pay vacation pay. These two types of pay are often not paid on cash wages. If an employer is found to have violated the ESA, it will be subject to a monetary administrative penalty for each contravention (i.e., each separate section of the ESA that has been contravened…

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  • Training Costs: Business Risks and Benefits

    … in the contract whereby the employee authorizes the employer to deduct the entire amount of the training costs, or a portion of the training costs, from her final pay. An example of such a clause is found in the 2016 BC Supreme Court case of Wildcat Helicopters Inc. v. Ellis where the employment contract included a “training bond” whereby the employee…

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  • Postmedia’s Layoffs: Words to the Wise

    …” and not discriminatory (that is, not based on race, religion, marital status, age or any other prohibited ground under human rights laws), the only rule is that the employee must be given sufficient notice of the termination or money in lieu of notice. (For a full primer on the basics of notice and severance, read my colleague Samantha Stepney’s…

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  • Pets: A Workplace’s Best Friend?

    … By Samantha Stepney. Numerous reports online describe the benefits to employees of dogs in the workplace, including reduced stress and loneliness, improved moral, and increased job satisfaction. And it’s not just employees who have something to gain from bringing their dogs to work. Research shows that, in addition to happier, healthier…

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