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    • Creating a Living Will in Missouri

      Creating a Living Will in Missouri There are a lot of difficult discussions that come with holidays, such as which spouse’s family you are having dinner with, whether you’re eating turkey or ham, and which matching sweater the family will be wearing for your yearly holiday card. In all these difficult discussions we often overlook the decisions that will affect our loved ones in the future. 12 readers -
    • What a Missouri Will Can’t Do

      What a Missouri Will Can’t Do A last will and testament is an expression of a person’s intent for the resolution of financial affairs upon death. Because this is an expression of personal choice, many testators—those with wills—are surprised to learn that the law limits wills, and probate courts will not enforce certain provisions. 10 readers -
  • Important Provisions in Your Will

    … of your financial affairs, health care decisions, and living arrangements in many ways. Experienced Missouri estate planning attorney Kenneth P. Carp can help you access the right estate planning tools for you. Call (636) 947-3600 today or contact us online to schedule your consultation. Kenneth Carp will protect your wishes so that you can take control of your future. The post Important Provisions in Your Will appeared first on The Law Offices of Kenneth P. Carp. … 13 readers -
  • Charitable Giving as Part of Your Estate Plan

    … would you rather do—give money to your favorite charity or give that money (and possibly more) to the IRS? An estate planning attorney can help you select the best options for setting up charitable gifts for your situation. Some ways of gifting include: Charitable trusts – You can form a trust for the purpose of charitable gifts. Upon your death… 12 readers -
  • Charitable Giving as Part of Your Estate Plan

    … death. This can provide you an income stream as well as an outlet for charitable giving. Giving away assets – Many people who have complex estate plans have different types of appreciated assets. If those assets were sold, the appreciation would generally be subject to a capital gains tax on the estate. However, if appreciated investment portfolios… 15 readers -
  • Proper Estate Planning is Essential

    … will. However, signing a durable power of attorney allows the individual to elect who will control finances and distribution of assets. An individual with durable power of attorney can also may decisions regarding an individual’s health care. CONTACT A ST. LOUIS & ST. CHARLES ESTATE PLANNING ATTORNEY TODAY Individuals, young and old, should speak… 11 readers -
  • Will Considerations When You Have Minor Children

    …, and if you leave a particularly large estate, a will may not be enough to protect the interests of your child and ensure he or she doesn’t waste the inheritance. In such cases, you may want to discuss setting up a trust for this – and many other – reasons. A St. Louis and St. Charles Estate Planning Attorney Can Help You At the Law Office… 15 readers -
  • Is a Sweetheart Trust Right for You and Your Spouse?

    … As part of a comprehensive estate plan, many people opt to form a trust to which they transfer ownership of their property and assets. However, there are many types of trusts you can form under Missouri trust laws, and the type of trust that is right for you will depend on many factors. Such factors may include: Your familial situation… 12 readers -
  • The Duties of a Successor Trustee

    … trustee has the duty to act with loyalty to the trust and its beneficiaries, to never favor any beneficiaries over others, to not act in self-interest, to act with prudence, and to fulfill other fiduciary duties. Contact an Experienced St. Louis and St. Charles Estate Planning Attorney Today If you want to discuss forming a trust or amending a trust… 13 readers -
  • The Estate Planning Toolbox — Part 2

    … can instruct that you do or do not want to be kept on artificial life support or any other wishes in line with your ethical, moral, or religious philosophies. Discuss Your Options and Needs with a St. Louis and St. Charles Estate Planning Attorney All of the above documents should be carefully considered because they will directly affect your own… 18 readers -