• Louisiana Crawfish and Gator Fest

    … Louisiana Crawfish and Gator Fest Filed under: Blog Source: Times: May 4 at 4 PM to May 8 at 9 PM in CDT Location: West Monroe Ike Hamilton, Expo 501 Mane St, West Monroe, Louisiana 71292 This is the 2nd Annual Louisiana Crawfish & Gator Fest at The Ike in West Monroe. This is a great event to bring…

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  • Concussion Testing in Sports – Will American Football Be Changed?

    … Concussion testing is routine in college and professional sports, where budgets allow for the presence of trained sports trainers and doctors. In youth leagues and high school sports the person in charge of monitoring injuries is often a parent or a volunteer. The Standardized Assessment of Concussion (SAC) has been the standard for assessing…

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