Solo Practice

    • Solo Anxiety: It All Works Out in the End

      One of the biggest challenges a solo practitioner has is managing the anxiety of not having a guaranteed steady income or client work. I’ve had open client files all year, but there are definitely lulls in work — when I’m waiting to get feedback on the latest draft of a client’s contract, or for the USPTO to review a client’s trademark application.

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    • Establishing a Successful Home-Based Practice

      What does it take to establish a successful home-based practice? Are there hidden pitfalls to drafting legal documents in your spare bedroom? Learn whether you would be suited to working from home by considering these nine criteria: Dedicated Office Space Find a bedroom, den, or other area you can dedicate to full-time work.

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  • The Nontraditional Law Practice

    … A nontraditional law practice can be anything a lawyer wants it to be: Hybrid or alternative fee arrangements; Unbundling; Virtual law practice; Home-based practice; All the above; or Something else entirely Hybrid or Alternative Fee Agreements (AFAs) As more clients push back against the hourly rate model, lawyers are looking…

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