Slip And Fall

  • Falls in the Nursing Home – Negligence & Liability

    …Has a parent or loved one suffered serious injury due to a fall, or repeated falls, while a resident of a Texas nursing home? Our Dallas lawyers may be able to help your family file an injury claim in order to recover compensation for their medical bills, pain and suffering, and more. Call us today at 1-877-405-4313 for a free consultation. No fees…

    Jeff Rasansky/ Rasansky Law Firm- 12 readers -
  • Can Injuries Caused by Broken Sidewalks be a Reason to Sue?

    … for those damages suffered on the part of the pedestrian. Procedural Hurdles One cannot simply sue the city or local municipality without following the proper notice requirements under Pennsylvania law. In many jurisdictions, cities may have to be informed of the pending claim before being able to be sued in a court of law. It is important to reach…

    Gabriel Levin/ 7 readers -
  • Can You Collect On a Philadelphia Slip and Fall Injury?

    … to compensation – no matter how embarrassed you were after your fall. However, if you do need medical care and incur bills from an emergency department, urgent care, or doctor’s office, you may be able to collect for those bills under certain circumstances. Many times, we may fall out of our own clumsiness or distraction. In these cases, when no one else…

    Gabriel Levin/ 11 readers -
  • What Happens if You’re Injured on Someone Else’s Property?

    …? One major factor that determines whether the property owner is responsible for your injury is your visitor status. There are three possible groups you could fall into. You could potentially be an invitee, a licensee or a trespasser on the property. Your legal rights vary dramatically depending on which of these groups you fall into. Invitees…

    Jeff Rasansky/ Rasansky Law Firm- 16 readers -
  • Dallas Hotel Injury Lawyer

    … of the most-common causes of injuries that occur on hotel premises are: Slips, trips and falls on uneven carpet, poorly maintained flooring, or slippery surfaces. Accidents in or around swimming pools, including slip & falls or drownings. Electric shocks or electrocution caused by poor wiring. Fires and carbon monoxide poisoning…

    Jeff Rasansky/ Rasansky Law Firm- 27 readers -
  • Dallas Scissor Lift Accident Attorney

    …We represent those injured or killed in scissor lift falls. Call our Dallas attorneys at 1-877-405-4313 for a free consultation. The number of people who suffer catastrophic injuries and wrongful deaths after falling from scissor lifts and/or aerial work platforms is staggering. These accidents usually involve heights in excess of six feet…

    Jeff Rasansky/ Rasansky Law Firm- 26 readers -
  • Slip and Fall Accidents in a Parking Garage

    …Is the property owner liable for someone who slips and falls in a Texas parking garage? If you’ve been injured after a slip, trip and fall accident while in a parking garage or parking lot, you may have a valid claim against the property owner, as well as related parties whose negligence played a role in your injury accident. This kind of claim…

    Rasansky Law Firm- 30 readers -
  • The Attractive Nuisance Doctrine

    … piles, trampolines, and even swimming pools. Premises liability is a legal construct that seeks to protect individuals who were injured at someone else’s property due to the negligence of the property owner. This could be in the form of a slip and fall accident, an injury arising from an open manhole, and even dog bites. Children need extra…

    Jeff Rasansky/ Rasansky Law Firm- 30 readers -
  • Slip & Falls at a Convenience Store

    …If you’ve been injured in a slip and fall accident at a Dallas-area 7-Eleven®, RaceTrac®, ExxonMobil®, Chevron®, QuikTrip®, or any other convenience store, call us at 1-877-405-4313. While many slip and fall accidents are caused by carelessness rather than a hazard, it’s important to understand what the law says about premises liability and how…

    Jeff Rasansky/ Rasansky Law Firm- 32 readers -
  • Injured at a Haunted House in Texas?

    … call 1-877-405-4313 for a free consultation. Injury Lawsuits Against Haunted Houses Slip and fall accidents. Slips and fall accidents occur frequently at haunted houses, and they’re caused by a variety of reasons. Haunted houses are often dark, decked with loose materials, and pathways are often obstructed. While many of these accidents may…

    Jeff Rasansky/ Rasansky Law Firm- 31 readers -
  • Slip and Fall Accidents at a Grocery Store

    …If you’ve been injured due to a fall at a Texas grocery store, call Rasansky Law Firm at 1-877-405-4313 for a free consultation. Slip and fall incidents are all too common at grocery stores and supermarkets. What many people don’t realize is that the grocery store itself can be held liable for injuries caused by some slip and falls. Under Texas…

    Sadie Horner/ Rasansky Law Firm- 33 readers -
  • Slip and Fall Injuries in Restaurants

    …Injured at a Dallas-area restaurant slip and fall accident? Let us evaluate your potential case for free. If you’re going out to eat, you want to make sure that the restaurant you’re eating at takes time to make sure that their floors are safe. Obviously, when you’re going out for a good meal, the floors aren’t usually the first things on your…

    Jeff Rasansky/ Rasansky Law Firm- 28 readers -
  • Hit and Run Prevalence in Indy

    … Three people dead, and one in critical condition in just two months due to four different hit and runs in the Indianapolis area. One woman was killed while walking to a bus stop, after many heartfelt pleas from the family of the victim, the driver eventually turned himself in. Another woman killed while crossing a street, the vehicle…

    fountaininjurylaw- 9 readers -
  • Avoiding Pool Accidents – Indianapolis Personal Injury Discussions

    … Summer time is finally here in Indianapolis. Ball parks are open, Barbecue’s are firing up every weekend, and Indy swimming pools are open to the public. This summer, as you enjoy the wonderful central Indiana weather, make sure you and your family are prepared for hot weather and ways to avoid any accidents in or around the pool. First, always…

    fountaininjurylaw- 11 readers -
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