In principle, a sheriff is a legal official with responsibility for a county or parish. In practice, the specific combination of legal, political and ceremonial duties of a sheriff varies greatly from country to country.The word "sheriff" is a contraction of the term "shire reeve". The term, from the Old English scīrgerefa, designated a royal official responsible for keeping the peace (a "reeve") throughout a shire or county or parish on behalf of the king. The term was preserved in England notwithstanding the Norman Conquest. From the Anglo-Saxon kingdoms, the term spread to several other regions, at an early point to Scotland, latterly to Ireland and to the United States.
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  • Will I Lose Everything I Own in a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy?

    … Chapter 7 is the most commonly filed form of consumer bankruptcy in the United States, and can greatly benefit people who have gotten into more debt than they can handle. The basic premise of a Chapter 7 is this: The court will liquidate (sell) your non-exempt assets and use the proceeds to pay off your debts. Any debts that are left over… 15 readers -
  • Rhode Island Family Court: The Basics

    … of alimony, child support, property, and the custody of the children. Furthermore, the court oversees premarital agreements, same-sex agreements, and partner agreements to protect assets and children. Also, the Family Court oversees matters regarding children who are delinquent or wayward. They may also see cases involving children that are neglected…

    The Law Office of Jeremy Howe- 17 readers -
  • Anatomy of a Force Placed Insurance Scheme (California)

    … If you are reading this post and don’t know what “force placed insurance” is, we are happy for you. Unfortunately, millions of Americans know the term all too well. When you finance the purchase of a home, your lender requires the home be insured. If your home is destroyed by a flood, fire or earthquake, the bank wants to be sure it will still…

    Due Diligence- 15 readers -
  • What They Never Tell You About Kevin Cooper

    … placed in a minimum-security unit to serve a four-year sentence for two burglaries in Los Angeles in January. Prison officials had not been informed that Mr. Cooper was wanted in Pennsylvania for an October 1982 rape- kidnapping, four burglaries and escaping from a state mental hospital. Deckhand on Sailboat Sheriff Floyd Tidwell of San…

    The Devil And The Death Penalty- 27 readers -
  • How to Fight the Puppy Killers… and WIN! – FCPA Whistleblower Post

    … lawyer and former prosecutor, I also proudly served as a K9 handler and deputy sheriff with the Kennebec County Sheriff’s Department. Like our friends at USK9, I deplore animal abuse. There is no room in civilized society for people who mistreat animals or people. K9 Deputy “Cruiser” (tracking K9) K9 Deputy “Coke” (narcotics detection) …

    Due Diligence- 35 readers -
  • Are Creditors the Only One That Can or Should File Proof of Claims?

    … after your case is over. In some instances, that money that you have allotted to go toward your vehicle loan will then go toward your unsecured debt instead. In that same regard, you will not receive your title at the conclusion of your case or you may be thrown right back into foreclosure after your case. The sheriff may serve that back child…

    Grant Mcnutt/ Bond and Botes- 24 readers -
  • Let’s Make A Deal; Debt Collectors!

    …, the credit card company, not some bill-collecting clowns that threatened me with “the sheriff will come over and arrest you” or “your brother and sister will inherit your debt” and other lies. I also don’t want to pay these inflated fees from bil collectors that have no rhyme or reason and sound like they are throwing darts at a numbers board. Finally…

    Christine Kingston/ Los Angeles Bankruptcy Law Monitor- 32 readers -
  • 5-YO Tanner Smith Mauled by 2 Pit Bulls; Dies at Hospital

    …VIDOR, TX (10/18/2015) — 5-year-old Tanner Smith has died after being attacked by two dogs at a home in southeast Texas. According to reports, the two were visiting the home of a family friend in Vidor on Sunday evening. The mother says she thought the friend’s father was outside watching her boy, but when she learned he was not home, she rushed…

    Jeff Rasansky/ Rasansky Law Firm- 29 readers -
  • National Night Out Houma-Thibodaux

    …. at Bayou Towers. —Deweyville group: 5 p.m. at Lee Avenue Street Park. —Gazebo group: 5:30 p.m. at Southdown Pavilion. —Marina group: 5:30 p.m. at Pecan Street and Park Avenue under the bridge. —Houma Heights group: 5:30 p.m. at Mahler Street Park. —Mandalay Woods group: 5:30 p.m. at 102 Mandalay East. —Maple Avenue Park and Barataria Station…

    Houma Personal Injury Attorney- 46 readers -
  • National Night Out Bossier & Caddo Parish

    … of Ash Street 3500 Block of Milky Way 2800 Block of W.Maple 2800 Block ofW. Caperton 6700 Block of Sagewind 6300 Block of Frondosa Drive 4 700 Block of Greenwood Road 3400 Block of Sunset Drive 5600 Block of Knoll crest Drive 200 Block of Plano 2700 Block of Regent Street Alexandria | Baton Rouge | Houma | Lafayette | Lake Charles | Monroe | Ruston | Shreveport The post National Night Out Bossier & Caddo Parish appeared first on Shreveport Personal Injury Attorney | The Law Offices of L. Clayton Bugress. …

    Shreveport Personal Injury Attorney- 47 readers -
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