A seat belt, also known as a safety belt, is a vehicle safety device designed to secure the occupant of a vehicle against harmful movement that may result during a collision or a sudden stop. A seat belt functions to reduce the likelihood of death or serious injury in a traffic collision by reducing the force of secondary impacts with interior strike hazards, by keeping occupants positioned correctly for maximum effectiveness of the airbag (if equipped) and by preventing occupants being ejected from the vehicle in a crash or if the vehicle rolls over. When driving, the driver and passengers are travelling at the same speed as the car.
Posts about Seatbelts
  • 25 Crash Causes: Teen Drivers

    …: Driver inexperience Driving with teenage passengers Nighttime driving Not wearing seatbelts Distracted driving Drowsy driving Reckless driving Impaired driving Adolescent drivers are more likely to speed, disregard traffic regulations, drive under the influence of alcohol or controlled substances, and partake in other risky…

    Jared Staver/ Chicago Personal Injury Lawyer- 34 readers -
  • Motor Vehicle Recalls: Should You Be Worried?

    … that are commonly subject to recall include: Airbag systems Accelerator pedals Windshield wipers Seatbelts Seat backs Child safety systems Brake cables Fuel tanks Wiring systems Steering wheels You should be aware of potential motor vehicle defects, but a recall isn’t necessarily a cause for alarm. Consumers can obtain current information…

    Jared Staver/ Chicago Personal Injury Lawyer- 38 readers -
  • Seat Belt Cutters

    … Modern vehicles are equipped with many safety features to keep drivers and passengers safe during travel and in the event of an accident. Perhaps the most important safety feature is the seatbelt. Seatbeats saves lives and reduces the risk of serious injury. The CDC reports that “adult seat belt use is the most effective way to save lives…

    Jared Staver/ Chicago Personal Injury Lawyer- 19 readers -
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