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  • Qualified Immunity

    … In my police brutality case, my lawyer tells me I might have a tough case because of qualified immunity. What is qualified immunity and how does it effect my civil rights case? The police came to my house in the very early morning with a warrant for my brother. My brother has never lived at my house so I have no idea why they had… 21 readers -
  • Motion to Suppress Everything for Reasons

    …. Kane County criminal lawyer, Matthew Haiduk, publishes a blog titled “Disorderly Conduct.” Mr. Haiduk mentions his reasoning for filing an omnibus motion to suppress stating “We’d get appointed, not even have police reports, and [the judge would] order that we would have to have any and all defense motions filed within 30 days… even if the trial…

    Michael Dye/ Fort Lauderdale Criminal Attorney- 47 readers -
  • At Least 177 Unfiled DUI Cases in Broward County

    … as a temporary driving permit for the next 10 days; Defendant posts $500 bond for a first DUI and goes home; Officer submits probable cause affidavit with the breath test ticket to the State Attorney; State Attorney files an “information” which is the document officially charging somebody with a crime. This is how the “177 unfiled DUI…

    Michael Dye/ Fort Lauderdale Criminal Attorney- 45 readers -
  • The Basics: When Can an Officer Search your Vehicle and House?

    … Many of us have been pulled over by a police officer due to a minor traffic violation, such as speeding or a busted taillight. Does such a stop then give the officer to search your car? Could you face serious criminal charges if the officer finds something potentially incriminating? The law in this area can […] The post The Basics: When Can…

    Tad Nelson & Associates- 11 readers -
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