• NASA: Ozone Layer Shows Signs Of Recovery

    …-latitudes to return to relatively healthy 1980s conditions. Around the Antarctic, where the ozone layer is the most damaged, it will take until 2075. However, humans actually made a sacrifice and produced a beneficial result for their planet. Now that is worth celebrating. Source: Washington Post Like this: Like Loading... Posted in International, Politics, Science, Society | Leave a Comment…

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  • Axes, Giant and Otherwise

    … Randall Munroe's "what if?" project is going to be a zillion-selling book in September and as you probably know, his xkcd webcomic is all kinds of awesome. So it was very cool to see Lowering the Bar show up in today's "what if?" post. His what if? question today derives from a nursery rhyme that starts "If all the seas were one sea, what…

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