• Stella Mednik, Alleged Drunk Driver And Much More - Increasingly Typical

      "Stella Mednik, 34, [immigration lawyer], of Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, has been hit with a slew of charges including drunk driving, criminal possession of a controlled substance, four counts of serious injury, leaving the accident scene and refusal to take a breath test, sources say." - New York Post, December 11, 2014. Here is that coverage.

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    • Lonely Lawyers/Law Students - No, It Isn't Just The Holidays, It's A Disease

      " ... the research [by John Cacioppo] shows that the lonely brain is structurally and biochemically different than the non-lonely brain, and these underlying differences are not merely symptoms, but the cause of additional problems." - David DiSalvo, "Study: Loneliness Isn't A Symptom, It's A Disease," in Fortune, November 30, 2014. Here is that article.

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    • Court Suggests Plaintiff Could Have Grounded His Brain

      A statement in a judicial opinion that isn't necessary to the holding is called a dictum (pl. dicta), and isn't technically binding (though it may or may not be persuasive). Here's a good example of that from a 1976 federal case (thanks, Daniel). In Searight v. New Jersey, the plaintiff alleged that in 1962 the state had "unlawfully injected him in the left eye with a radium ...

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  • Lawyers, Law Students - One Size Doesn't Fit All For Drinking Problem

    … " There is also growing recognition that alcohol problems come in wide varieties, driven by a complex mix of genetics, life experiences and differences in how the brain handles stress and seeks rewards. As a result, experts say, the most effective treatments are highly individualized." - Melinda Beck, "A Prescription to End Drinking…

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  • The CIA Lost Its Soul and Took Ours With It

    … This past week’s news reports of the Senate report on the CIA Torture program were both distressing and enlightening. I was dismayed to not only read what the full extent of the CIA’s Torture program was, but also when I read pundits and former CIA officials claim that rectal rehydration was merely a medical procedure! I was further discouraged…

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  • One Marshmallow or Two?

    …:// Bar Exam Preparation, Exams - Studying, Miscellany, Science, Study Tips - General | Permalink TrackBack URL for this entry:$MTTrans> Listed below are links to weblogs that reference One Marshmallow or Two?: Comments Post a comment…

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  • Are You Even Listening To Me? Well, Scientifically . . . No

    … Are You Even Listening To Me? Well, Scientifically . . . No Now this is a study that any parent, particularly mothers, can verify with field research. A group of neuroscientists from the Universities of Pittsburgh, California-Berkeley and Harvard, and led by Kyung Hwa Lee have found that pre-teenage and teenage brains actually appear…

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  • Study: We’re Fat And, By The Way, We’re Short Too

    … We have often discussed obesity rates in the world on this blog and their causes. However, a new report makes an interesting finding. First, not too surprising, it says that Americans are fatter than we previously thought. Second, and more surprising, the reason for the underreporting is that people think or say that they are taller than…

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  • The Theological Dimensions of Climate Science Denial

    …. The House Science, Space and Technology Committee held a short hearing, promptly declaring that the science is not “settled” and accused Democrats of “trying to scare America.” Republican reaction to this week’s announcement of a climate agreement with China was even harsher, with Sen. Mitch McConnell complaining that “these carbon emission…

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  • Alcoholics Anonymous: Why No Major Class-Action Lawsuits, At Least Not Yet

    … At one time, Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) was hailed as seminal a movement in the 20th century as that of the Dale Carnegie system for boosting what's now called Emotional Intelligence. That was then. Now, the self-help organization, which was the platform for myriad other 12-step programs, is taking it on the chin. Here is one representative…

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  • Faith-Healing - Lawyers, Not Much Business In That Niche, At least Not Yet

    … was making all the right decisions for that to happen. During the process, one healer jumped. She asked me if I had pain in my wrist. At that point I became a believer. For days the pain had been so oppressive that I was even considering contact my medical doctor. The last one on the table was a woman whose home had been taken over by ghosts…

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