Road Rage

  • 10 Ways To Share The Road With Bicycles

    … view bicyclists as being in their way and accordingly exercise very little patience with them. The inability to determine the exact action of the rider and their pace can result in road rage. As a driver try to control your attitude towards bicycle rider. Road rage has the potential of causing accidents. There are benefits to bicycling While…

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  • Avoid Angry Drivers

    … cause serious damage and even death to other drivers by their aggressive actions and, as discussed below, should be avoided at all costs if possible by taking defensive measures when driving on the streets of Chicago. Steps To Take To Avoid Angry Drivers Defensive driving is the best way to avoid angry drivers, particularly in a big metropolitan area…

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  • Injured in an Illinois Car Accident by an Aggressive Driver

    … behaviors, including tailgating, speeding through yellow lights, laying on the horn, or screaming at other drivers in traffic. If you’ve spent much time on Chicago roads, you’ve likely encountered aggressive driving. The Illinois State police report “aggressive and reckless driving as the single largest call for service in Chicago.” Aggressive drivers…

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  • 25 Crash Causes: Street Racing

    … three types of challenges to watch out for, including: Spontaneous contests between drivers (potentially with road rage) at the same red light or stop sign on public roads Roving parties where groups of racers take over highways Planned racing events with money or bets on the line In most states, including Illinois, street racing or drag…

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  • Is It Worth It To Pursue A Lawsuit For A Rear End Accident?

    … accident is actually the initial car that caused impact.6 If you cutoff a vehicle or abruptly stop during a lane change the front driver could be found to have contributory negligence which could minimize the amount of a claim.7 Other ways in which the following car may not be solely responsible for the accident is if a driver who is under…

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  • Defensive Driving vs. Aggressive Driving

    … on driving and be prepared to react in any situation. Don’t eat, apply makeup, text, or play with your GPS while driving. Always take every safety precaution. Never slam on your brakes and always use your turn signal. If you encounter an aggressive driver, don’t engage them. Wave them around you or change lanes to give yourself space. How a Chicago…

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  • Summer Road Trips May Increase Accident Risks

    … two-thirds of adults in the United States plan to take a road trip between Memorial Day and Labor Day.1 The summer season with warm temperatures and sunny days suggests that the summer season has the ideal conditions for safe travels. Summer drivers do not have to battle with winter storms and icy roads or spring showers and floods, but the season…

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  • Holding Aggressive Drivers Accountable

    … the wheel such as drunk driving, driving unbelted, or engaging in road rage.3 Aggressive driving accounts on average for 1,500 injured or killed people each year. The car accidents caused by aggressive driving cost society over 40 billion dollars each year.4 State Farm conducted a survey in 2013 that revealed 45 percent of drivers had engaged…

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