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Richard Johnson (born 30 July 1927) is an English actor, writer and producer, who starred in several British films of the 1960s and has also had a distinguished stage career. He most recently appeared in The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas.
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  • Richard Johnson Quoted in Lawyers Daily: Bill 177

    … Richard Johnson lends his insight on the recent legislative changes around Domestic Violence Leave in Lawyers Daily Read on to learn why Ontario’s Bill 177 may be progressive for employees facing domestic abuse, but it could pose logistical hurdles for business owners HERE. The post Richard Johnson Quoted in Lawyers Daily: Bill 177 appeared…

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  • Probation: Why Bother?

    … was fired approximately 2 months after starting work, IHA did not provide him with any notice of dismissal or any severance in lieu of notice. Mr. Ly sued for wrongful dismissal. In considering Mr. Ly’s claim against IHA, the Court affirmed the following principles regarding the law on probation: • If an employee is dismissed during his probationary…

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  • Therapy benefits a wise way Starbucks supports strong workforce:

    … Therapy benefits a wise way Starbucks supports strong workforce A move by Starbucks to provide up to $5,000 in therapy to its employees is a proactive approach to mental wellness likely to result in more productive, happier workers and a positive company image, says Vancouver employment lawyer Richard Johnson. Read the full article here. Share with others The post Therapy benefits a wise way Starbucks supports strong workforce: appeared first on . …

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  • Messaging key when new CEO comes onboard:

    … Messaging key when new CEO comes onboard A new CEO hired to turn around an underperforming company may be intent on bringing change to the organization — but in doing so, they may find themselves accused of intimidation and bullying, Vancouver employment lawyer Richard Johnson tells Succession Planning, a special supplement…

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  • Holiday Dismissals: What are the Risks for Employers?

    … for bad faith and/or punitive damages award against the employer, over and above any wrongful dismissal damages. 3. If a dismissed employee’s compensation package includes a non-discretionary year-end bonus, this could also influence the court’s damages calculation where the employee was fired during the holidays and before the bonus payout. Have…

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  • Pregnant Employees: Accommodation, Leave and Doctors’ Notes

    … Lawyer Richard Johnson, Contributor. In our most recent blog post we offered an overview of British Columbia’s human rights regime, and how an employee’s childcare responsibilities fit with that framework. This week, we revisit the topic of an employee’s human rights protections, this time in the context of pregnancy leave. For a refresher…

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  • What’s Fair? Severance and Probationary Employees

    … With contributions from Richard Johnson, Lawyer. Consider this scenario: Your new employee isn’t working out quite the way you had hoped. You’ve made the tough decision that it’s better for everyone – you, him, the Company – if you end the employment relationship now. Since he’s only been with you for six weeks, you’re not sure…do you owe him…

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