• Secret Recordings: Legal, but ill advised?

    … if the recording occurs in an employment context? If a legal dispute arises between the employer and employee and the recorded conversation is relevant to the dispute, the recording needs to be disclosed (subject to privilege and other exceptions to document disclosure). Under British Columbia’s civil procedure rules, all documents that could be used at trial…

    Wendy Woloshyn/ 16 readers -
  • Recorded Deed With Phony Acknowledgement Is Ineffective

    … In a case of first impression, the Appeals Court ruled last week in Allen v. Allen that a recorded deed with an acknowledgement falsely stating that the grantor had personally appeared before the notary public was unenforceable against a family member with a competing, subsequently recorded deed. Allen pitted the plaintiff sister, Deborah…

    Donald Pinto/ Massachusetts Land Use Monitor- 5 readers -
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