Rear End Collision

    • Who Is Responsible If You Are Hit From Behind?

      Establishing liability in a rear end collision is not always as simple as you may think. When you are in a car accident in Missouri, you should understand that it is a comparative law state. That means that both parties can be found negligent and therefore liable for any damages and injuries. In some cases determining fault is pretty simple: one car hits another and is at fault.

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  • Facet Joint Injuries – St. Louis Automobile Wreck Attorneys

    …Car accidents, particularly rear-end collisions, can cause severe back and neck injuries to the victim. The jarring movements of the body, impact of the crash, or compression of the body inside the car can cause damage to one of the many facet joints along the spine. This can cause long-term pain and mobility issues. (Learn more – Long-Term…

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  • Rear-End Collision Every 8 Seconds – Automobile Wreck Attorneys

    …A rear-end car accident occurs every 8 seconds. Every year, there are six million auto accidents and over two million of these accidents are rear-end collisions. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), a rear-end collision occurs every 8 seconds, making rear-end collisions the most common type of car accident…

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  • St. Louis Car Accident Lawyer Discusses Why Drivers Tailgate

    …How do you feel when the driver behind you follows too close or tailgates? Your response to a tailgating driver may vary from mild annoyance to provoked road rage. Tailgating can easily cause a rear-end car accident and personal injury such as whiplash. Driving habits that lead to tailgating include aggressive driving, distracted driving…

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