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Property insurance provides protection against most risks to property, such as fire, theft and some weather damage. This includes specialized forms of insurance such as fire insurance, flood insurance, earthquake insurance, home insurance, or boiler insurance. Property is insured in two main ways—open perils and named perils. Open perils cover all the causes of loss not specifically excluded in the policy. Common exclusions on open peril policies include damage resulting from earthquakes, floods, nuclear incidents, acts of terrorism, and war. Named perils require the actual cause of loss to be listed in the policy for insurance to be provided.
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    … know what risks are covered and what risks are not for your business interests. Please contact David Adelstein at or (954) 361-4720 if you have questions or would like more information regarding this article. You can follow David Adelstein on Twitter @DavidAdelstein1. …

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    … As you know, insurance is an important part of risk assessment for many, many business needs. Oftentimes, an insured relies on an insurance broker or agent to procure specific insurance to meet its express business objectives and risks. Notably, there is a potential negligence claim associated with an insurance agent or broker’s negligent…

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    … a consistent way to get to and from work. However, with freedom comes responsibility. Illinois requires you to purchase a minimum amount of auto insurance. If you are caught driving without it, you will be ticketed. Having auto insurance is also the smart choice. You could end up causing an accident while uninsured, and then you will be held personally…

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    …. The Justice Department said that Wells Fargo would direct deaf customers to a dedicated TTY/TDD line that went unanswered. July 2011 The bank pays $125 million after being sued by a group of pension funds over the quality of mortgage backed securities. The bank was allowed to settle without admitting any wrongdoing. July 2011 The Federal Reserve…

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    … exclusions without a strategic agenda as to why an exclusion does not apply, such as there is an exception to the exclusion that your theme fits under. In Divine Motel Group, an insured pursued its property insurer for rainwater damage stemming from a tropical storm. The property insurance policy contained the following exclusion for rain damage…

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    … Property insurance policies such as builder’s risk policies contain a design defect / faulty workmanship exclusion (as well as other exclusions for excluded risks or perils). But, certain exclusions such as the design defect / faulty workmanship exclusion may contain what is referred to as the “ensuing loss exception.” Stated differently…

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