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    • Don’t Refer Bad Cases or Clients

      Referrals from other attorneys are a key source of clients for many law firms. There is a difference between good referrals and other attorneys trying to dump a problem client or a bad case on someone else. The next time you are considering referring a potential client (or current client) elsewhere, make sure you are doing the right thing.

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    • Inbox Zero for Lawyers

      Inboxes are meant to be emptied, not used for long-term storage. That goes double for your email inbox, which is far more useful if you empty it on a regular basis. If you allow things to pile up in your inboxes — physical or virtual — they become a constant reminder of all the stuff you think you have to do.

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  • Big Firm Habits You Need to Break

    … After two years in a big firm, I went solo. Running a small or solo practice is much different than practicing law in a big firm, and I quickly found that the bad habits I developed at my firm were hurting my practice and my professional relationships. Here are four bad habits I found myself doing and what I did to get past them: 1. Pick Up…

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  • Alternative Billing That is Friendly for Lawyers and Clients

    … a salesman who told you, “We don’t have a fixed price, and you won’t know what the price is until it’s installed in your house, and you’re legally liable to pay for it.” Firms that serve corporate clients are no strangers to flat-fee and other non-hourly billing strategies. But more consumer and small business attorneys are finding that client…

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  • Year-End Tax Planning for Lawyers

    … With two months left in the year, you still have plenty of time to do some end-of-year tax planning to minimize your tax bill in April. That’s why the end of October or beginning of November is a great time to figure out what you are likely to owe. Take a few minutes to run a set of financial reports to send to your accountant so he or she can…

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  • How A Law Firm Can Successfully Navigate an Office Relocation

    … This was originally published as “How Michigan Law Firms Can Successfully Navigate an Office Relocation” in the October 2014 edition of the Michigan Bar Journal. It is republished here with permission. Moving your law firm can be pricey, challenging, and risky. Problems may include deteriorating team morale, getting locked in to a long-term…

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  • Reinventing The Law Business: Embracing Volatility For A Law Firm

    … Bruce Stachenfeld This is a continuation of the past three articles I published in ATL over the past month or so. My first article argued that Profits Per Partner is a great servant for a law firm but a bad master. In my second article, I set forth our Profits Per Partner Emancipation Plan as an alternative. In my third article, I set forth…

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  • Firm Manager Now Has In-App Document Editing

    … improvements as “dramatic.” In the months since, Firm Manager has also added a “Money Finder” feature (which I described here), a new synchronization feature with Google Calendar, and custom billing and invoicing. Firm Manager is $44.99 a month for the first user and then $29.99 a month for additional users. …

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  • Do Discounts Lead to More Past-Due Accounts?

    … between law firms that discount and an increased number of past due client accounts. If that’s true, it supports something I have long believed about offering discounts: don’t. My theory is that clients who ask for a discount have a tendency to devalue your services. If I am right, it seems reasonable to expect those clients to place a lower importance on paying you when the bill comes due. Check out the infographic, though. The whole thing is worth a look/read: Practice Management billing, no image …

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  • Build a Forms Database with a Simple Change to Your Workflow

    … of this, your form will start to look pretty close to the finished product. Do this with every document you create and before long you will have a forms database. Whether you use your forms with document assembly software or leave them right where they are, you can stop wasting time creating the same document over and over again (and charging for the time it takes you to do it). Featured image: “Illustration of Flat New Folder Vector Open Folder Symbol Background” from Shutterstock. Practice Management Forms, productivity …

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  • 4 Things to Consider Before Taking a Case

    …. If you mostly handle estate planning and transactional matters, maybe this isn’t your cup of tea. Maybe you are a litigator that mostly does motion practice over legal issues. Maybe you hate flying. The point is you want to make sure that pursuing the case is something you canhandle. Simply taking on the case because it looks like a good case…

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  • Electricity in the Cloud at Clio Conference

    … Listen. That roar you hear is thunderous acclaim for the Clio Cloud Conference held last week in Chicago. And where there is thunder, there is lightning, and the electricity at this conference produced an atmosphere that was highly charged. This was Clio’s second annual conference, and to this grizzled veteran of way too many legal tech…

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  • Podcast: Legal Technology, Blogging, and the Future of SoloSmall Practice

    … and small-firm practice. For good measure we name-dropped Kevin O’Keefe, Ken White, Scott Greenfield, and Brian Tannebaum, among others. Tune in when you have time, or keep it on for soothing background noise this afternoon. Legal Marketing, Legal Technology, Practice Management blogging, Clio Cloud Conference, conference, future of law, podcasts …

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