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    • Things Lawyers Say They Love About the Cloud

      In nearly seven years of building and leading a company that provides practice management solutions for the legal profession, you hear a lot about the pains and joys of being a lawyer. I’ve engaged with hundreds (if not thousands) of lawyers and legal professionals in that time and all of them have their stories to share.

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    • Maybe You Shouldn’t Answer Your Own Phone. Here’s Why.

      Answering your own phone is killing your productivity, making you look bad, and setting a precedent for your clients. Avoid unscheduled phone calls to increase your productivity and have a better relationship with your clients. Just don’t avoid the phone when it would be quicker and more effective. Killing Your Productivity A ringing phone is an interruption that kills your productivity.

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  • Firm Manager Also Adds Foldering for Documents

    … folder to another. Once created, folders can be attached to specific matters or contacts within Firm Manager. Once a folder is attached to a matter or contact, documents added to that folder will automatically be associated with that matter or contact. A folder can later be detached from a matter or contact. Uploaded documents can be edited directly within Firm Manager through Microsoft Office. …

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  • If You Want to Improve Your Law Practice, Start Experimenting

    … it for a reasonable amount of time, collect data, then evaluate your results. Keep experimenting until you find a way to improve your law practice, then test the improvements with more experiments. Make experimenting part of the way you run your law practice. Featured image: “female scientist and her senior male supervisor ” from Shutterstock. …

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  • MyCase Adds Foldering to Enhance Document Management

    … The cloud-based practice management application MyCase has added a foldering feature to make it easier for its users to manage their documents, it announced today. The feature allows users to create folders within their cases and use the folders to organize their documents. The folders are in addition to the document-tagging system MyCase…

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  • Podcast #2: Paul Floyd on How to Value and Sell a Law Practice

    … podcast. To make sure you don’t miss an episode of the Lawyerist Podcast, subscribe now in iTunes or Stitcher. Or find out about new episodes by subscribing to the Lawyerist Insider, our email newsletter. We will announce new episodes in the Insider, and you can listen to them right here on Lawyerist. To ask a question for us to answer in future episodes of the Lawyerist Podcast, send your question to or use the hashtag #AskLawyerist on Twitter. …

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  • Why You Should Keep a Call Log

    … “Call Log: It’ll save your ass.” Find out why at the Unwashed Advocate. Here’s a great notebook if you feel the need to get a new one to use for your call log…

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  • Prevent Phone Calls From Monopolizing Your Time

    … You don’t have to be lazy or incompetent to get into trouble over phone calls. You might simply be too busy. Lawyers be warned: unreturned phone calls can lead to bar complaints. You don’t have to be lazy or incompetent to get into trouble over phone calls. You might just be busy, but that won’t save you. Here are my tricks for saving time…

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  • Low-Cost Practice Management App Gets the Job Done

    … Apps Ltd. Let’s start with the price. Most of the popular cloud-based practice management systems charge a monthly subscription, ranging in price from $35 to $65 per user per month. (One, HoudiniEsq, remains free for solos.) CaseManager’s dashboard on the iPad. The price of CaseManager is a one-time charge of $20 for the mobile app and $30…

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  • Retirement Options for Solo and Small Law Firms

    … into account the tax implications of any decision. Talk with a professional before deciding on anything. Find out what fees your brokerage firm charges in administering each plan. If you have experience with any of these plans, please share your thoughts in the comments. Featured image: “Retirement Plan” from Shutterstock. “Eligible” is defined…

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  • Don’t Refer Bad Cases or Clients

    … Referrals from other attorneys are a key source of clients for many law firms. There is a difference between good referrals and other attorneys trying to dump a problem client or a bad case on someone else. The next time you are considering referring a potential client (or current client) elsewhere, make sure you are doing the right thing. Your…

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  • Inbox Zero for Lawyers

    … Done, you’re not far off. But you don’t need to know a thing about GTD in order to practice Inbox Zero. Inbox Zero is the brainchild of Merlin Mann, who adapted the Getting Things Done system to email. He did not invent the concept, though. Well before I ever heard of Merlin Mann or Inbox Zero, I read a Time Matters white paper recommending much…

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