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    • Alternative Billing That is Friendly for Lawyers and Clients

      This article was originally published in the October issue of the Illinois Bar Journal. It is republished here with permission. Lawyerist readers licensed to practice in Illinois can sign up by November 28 to get a free ISBA membership through June 2015, including 15 hours of free online CLE and free Fastcase.

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    • Big Firm Habits You Need to Break

      After two years in a big firm, I went solo. Running a small or solo practice is much different than practicing law in a big firm, and I quickly found that the bad habits I developed at my firm were hurting my practice and my professional relationships. Here are four bad habits I found myself doing and what I did to get past them: 1.

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  • How A Law Firm Can Successfully Navigate an Office Relocation

    … divisions, it ultimately may not have your best interests at heart. Your clients wouldn’t allow you to represent both sides of a negotiation, so why would you pick a brokerage firm that does? With the proper planning and strategy, a relocation can infuse a firm with newfound energy and enthusiasm. Better yet, it can improve the performance of your employees and, ultimately, your bottom line. Practice Management big image, growth, law office …

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  • Reinventing The Law Business: Embracing Volatility For A Law Firm

    … Bruce Stachenfeld This is a continuation of the past three articles I published in ATL over the past month or so. My first article argued that Profits Per Partner is a great servant for a law firm but a bad master. In my second article, I set forth our Profits Per Partner Emancipation Plan as an alternative. In my third article, I set forth…

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  • Firm Manager Now Has In-App Document Editing

    … Firm Manager, the LexisNexis online practice-management platform for solo and small-firm attorneys, rolled out several enhancements yesterday, the most notable of which is in-app document editing. This new feature allows a user to open, edit and save documents from within the Firm Manager application. The feature works with the Microsoft Office…

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  • Do Discounts Lead to More Past-Due Accounts?

    … between law firms that discount and an increased number of past due client accounts. If that’s true, it supports something I have long believed about offering discounts: don’t. My theory is that clients who ask for a discount have a tendency to devalue your services. If I am right, it seems reasonable to expect those clients to place a lower importance on paying you when the bill comes due. Check out the infographic, though. The whole thing is worth a look/read: Practice Management billing, no image …

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  • Build a Forms Database with a Simple Change to Your Workflow

    … of this, your form will start to look pretty close to the finished product. Do this with every document you create and before long you will have a forms database. Whether you use your forms with document assembly software or leave them right where they are, you can stop wasting time creating the same document over and over again (and charging for the time it takes you to do it). Featured image: “Illustration of Flat New Folder Vector Open Folder Symbol Background” from Shutterstock. Practice Management Forms, productivity …

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  • 4 Things to Consider Before Taking a Case

    … will tell when you should turn down what appears to be a great case, but there is something not right (but you can’t put your finger on it). I have turned down those cases. And those cases end up in someone else’s office, eventually going south. Your gut will also tell you when you should take a case where the legal elements do not line up nice and clean, but the facts or client will sway any jury. Good facts are usually a recipe for success. Practice Management big image, case management, client intake …

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  • Electricity in the Cloud at Clio Conference

    … Listen. That roar you hear is thunderous acclaim for the Clio Cloud Conference held last week in Chicago. And where there is thunder, there is lightning, and the electricity at this conference produced an atmosphere that was highly charged. This was Clio’s second annual conference, and to this grizzled veteran of way too many legal tech…

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  • Podcast: Legal Technology, Blogging, and the Future of SoloSmall Practice

    … Clean, simple, responsive law blogs from Lawyerist Sites, just $20/month. Get a law blog for your practice. I just had a great, wide-ranging conversation with New York bankruptcy and real estate lawyer Daniel Gershburg. We talked about blogging, legal marketing, the misleading hashtags of legal tech conferences, and the future of solo…

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  • This Simple Email Habit Will Make You More Productive

    … on track. In fact, you can use email as your to-do list for everything if you email tasks to yourself.2 Emailing tasks to yourself is an easy way to add a task to your to-do list from your phone, too. Isn’t working from a list a lot easier than looking at everything that has been building up in your inbox for weeks, months, or years? Featured image…

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  • Rocket Matter’s New iPad Version ‘Not Just an App’

    …. As I mentioned, the app lacks document storage. Other features in the Web version that are lacking here are the ability to create invoices or to run reports such as accounts receivable, user activity and the like. Port said that these “back office” type features may never be added to the app, because he does not think attorneys use them away from…

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