Microsoft PowerPoint is a slide show presentation program developed by Microsoft. It was officially launched on May 22, 1990, as a part of the Microsoft Office suite.The benefits of PowerPoint are continuously debated. The term "PowerPoint hell" has been coined for long, tedious PowerPoint presentations that bore the audience.
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  • Marketing Your Law Practice

    … Last week I had a great time speaking in Boca Raton, Florida at the American Association for Justice Women Trial Lawyers Caucus Leadership Summit. This event occurs only every other year. I had the pleasure of speaking with a fantastic co-panelist, Megan Hargroder. We put the presentation together in Google Docs and the formatting is a bit messy on a few slides from transitioning it between Google -> PowerPoint -> SlideShare -> My Blog, BUT it's still awesome enough to share. Enjoy! …

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  • Social Media Breakfast Houston: Marketing Unexciting Brands

    … a PowerPoint? Get smart with creating your online content. My lawyer clients are strapped for time. I make sure they send me their PowerPoint presentations to load onto SlideShare with optimized content to drive online traffic back to their law firm websites. You should also make sure to record your next speaking engagement, or have…

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  • Judge Slams Prosecutors in False Claims Act Case

    …% of Lidoderm’s sales were for off label use. Ryan was also able to obtain PowerPoint slides and sales scripts documenting how the drug was being marketed. As noted above, cases like this are rare. Usually whistleblowers and the government are able to agree on a reward. We have seen, however, the government seeks lower awards in large cases…

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  • Social Media Audience Building for Lawyers

    … can also build your social audience through offline methods, including the use of offline signage to show your real life fans where they can find you online. You can, and should, also include your firm’s social channels in your speeches, on PowerPoint presentations, print marketing materials, and more. Don’t hold back – my grandmothers are both active Facebook users, so most of your potential clients will be too. …

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  • Digital Marketing: The Basics in 20 Minutes or Less

    … basics of legal marketing included discussion of: State Bar Advertising Rules and Regulations Law Firm Websites Social Media for Law Firms Email Marketing and CRM Analytics, Metrics, ROI: How Do I Know What’s Working? Please feel free to click through and/or download my PowerPoint presentation. For more presentations like this, you can visit my SlideShare channel. …

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