The police are a constituted body of persons empowered by the state to enforce the law, protect property, and limit civil disorder. Their powers include the legitimized use of force. The term is most commonly associated with police services of a state that are authorized to exercise the police power of that state within a defined legal or territorial area of responsibility. Police forces are often defined as being separate from military or other organizations involved in the defense of the state against foreign aggressors; however, gendarmerie and military police are military units charged with civil policing. Law enforcement, however, constitutes only part of policing activity.
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  • PSP Illegally Disclosing LTCF Information Through NCIC

    … Over the past couple days, I have received several reports, one from a 911 dispatcher, that approximately 3 days ago, an update was completed to the NCIC system, whereby when an officer in Pennsylvania runs an individual’s driver’s license, if the individual has a license to carry firearms (LTCF), the information relating to the individual’s LTCF…

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  • NYS Penal Law 205.30 Resisting Arrest – a crime of intoxication.

    …), and the local court justice is not amused. These charges, like all criminal charges, are best met head on. An aggressive approach to managing the defense of any criminal matter is essential; it’s the difference between waiting for something to happen to you, and working to make sure that things turn out in your favor. If you have been charged with resisting arrest in Rochester, or Geneseo, or at one of the concert venues nearby, call Attorney Adam Militello at (585) 485-0025. …

    Adam Militello/ DWI Law & Criminal Defense Blog- 16 readers -
  • Stalking. It isn’t ok.

    … is that, no, a person can’t just follow you around without a good reason. If somebody is “tailing you,” or sitting outside your house with a pair of binoculars, you should take some notes on where you are being followed, write down a description of the car (including license plate info), and call the police. Do NOT, as was suggested in the article I…

    Adam Militello/ DWI Law & Criminal Defense Blog- 9 readers -
  • Traffic Law: Mistake In Case Of Offense In Traffic

    … If you drive too fast or at red lights, you get the possibility to answer to the accusation. The authority sends a letter to you. If you want to defend against the accusation, you should not answer to the authority, before your lawyer has had inspection of files. Silence is golden and inspecion of files is platinum. This post is also…

    R24 Kooperation/ www.r24.de/en/- 6 readers -
  • Traffic Law: red light violation

    … Whether through a red light was run over or not, determine not only established “safety cameras”. Sufficient in court even in the worst case the testimony of a police officer, whether the stop line has been run over in red or not. This post is also available in: German …

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  • The money is gone, one way or another

    … A client comes to get a counseling. She was robbed. The police are investigating and have the thief already found. She wants to know how she comes back to her money. First she describes the background in more detail. It turns out that the client kept an amount of just over € 1,000 in a cash box in the arbor in garden. On the cautious question…

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  • There are not only stupid burglar

    … The Saxon Newspaper reported yesterday that two federal police officers were going in a house. They had searched someone and had not found anyone. Then they turned to a neighbor. After they had been showing their ID, the neighbor invited them in. He led them into a room and closed this room immediately. He then called 911 and said that he had…

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  • Blinking. Exactly!

    … Finally here is a posting to the blinking refusers. Clear and understandable. It’s annoying. Since they are staying on the left-turn lane and do not blink. Looks everyone that they want to drive to the left. On the highway, even the majority lane change seems not to display. Do they want to save electricity? Or protect the bulb? But they have…

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  • Eat wisdom yes, but not equal the spoon

    … This spell is the modification of saying that someone had eaten not only the wisdom, but also the spoons. Now reports a newspaper that a robber was arrested. However, instead of jail, he was first taken to the hospital. Why? He had swallowed a spoon. PS: Wisdom was sure not in the game. This post is also available in: German…

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  • Visit to the police: Personal savings?

    … With the client, the police were visited. She should make a witness statement. The building is entered. The gatehouse is empty, window is drawn with a curtain. The next door is shut. Access to the building is also not possible, the inner door is closed. Questioning glances. A wall phone is found. In addition, a large piece of paper attached…

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  • Criminal charges can pile up. Don’t let them.

    … convictions, including six prior felonies. Outcome: Case was dismissed after presentation to the Grand Jury. People v. S.D. Practice Area: Criminal Defense, DWI Description: Client was arrested for DWI and Aggravated DWI, with an alleged BAC of .24. Outcome: After reviewing the facts of the case, we determined that police had no probable cause…

    Adam Militello/ DWI Law & Criminal Defense Blog- 27 readers -
  • Body cameras possibly on the way for Marksville police

    … KALB – Marksville, Louisiana – Marksville police officers could soon be wearing body cameras while on patrol. City leaders discussed the issue at a meeting Wednesday evening. There are currently 16 patrol officers with the Marksville Police Department. Chief Elster Smith says the cost of cameras for the department would be about $5,000…

    Alexandria Personal Injury Attorney- 24 readers -
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