Philadelphia (/ˌfɪləˈdɛlfiə/) is the largest city in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, the second largest city on the East Coast of the United States, and the fifth-most-populous city in the United States. It is located in the Northeastern United States at the confluence of the Delaware and Schuylkill rivers, and it is the only consolidated city-county in Pennsylvania. As of the 2010 Census, the city had a population of 1,526,006, growing to 1,553,165 in 2013 by Census estimates. Philadelphia is the economic and cultural center of the Delaware Valley, home to over 6 million people and the country's sixth-largest metropolitan area.
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  • Watch out for Drunk Drivers Near Philly College Campuses

    … Philadelphia is jam-packed with colleges and universities—which is part of what makes Philly uniquely Philly. College students and good sense, however, don’t always go hand-in-hand. When you find yourself near one of our fine city’s beautiful campuses, it is always wise to beware of drunk drivers. College Campuses and Drinking It should come…

    Gabriel Levin/ 9 readers -
  • Common Injuries Involved in Car Accidents

    …, they are closely associated with neck injuries, such as whiplash—which can lead to ongoing symptoms and complications: Headaches Dizziness Fatigue Emotional complications, including depression or anxiety Ringing in the ears Pain in the back, shoulder, arm, or jaw Furthermore, other injuries are frequently associated with rear-end crashes…

    Gabriel Levin/ 8 readers -
  • Will the Larger iPhone X Increase Distracted Driving?

    …, to acknowledge the statistics as they relate to distracted driving. By putting your new iPhone down while you drive, the life you save may be your own. If You’ve Been Injured by a Distracted Driver, Contact an Experienced Philadelphia Car Accident Attorney Personal injury claims are complicated and should never be left to chance. If you’ve suffered…

    Gabriel Levin/ 12 readers -
  • What Causes Truck Drivers to Lose Control and Crash?

    … you can keep yourself safe by steering clear of them. If You’ve Been Injured in a Semi Accident, Contact a Skilled Truck Accident Attorney If you’ve been injured in an accident with a commercial truck, you know how devastating that can be. Because semi-accident claims can be especially complicated, you need an experienced Philadelphia…

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  • Pre-Existing Conditions and How They Can Affect Auto Accident Claims

    … undergo a full medical evaluation, discuss your records with your doctors to ensure they are complete and accurate, and continue to follow any recommended treatment plans. Find Out How a Philadelphia Car Accident Lawyer Can Help You Seeking an insurance payout or filing a personal injury claim after a car accident can be difficult enough without having…

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  • Rear-End Accident Liability

    … speak to a Philadelphia auto accident lawyer as soon as you can. How the Levin Firm Can Help Victims Recover At the Levin Firm, we are dedicated to helping rear-end accident victims recover compensation and will take the time to thoroughly evaluate the facts of your case. We understand how to negotiate with insurance companies to obtain the most…

    Gabriel Levin/ 13 readers -
  • Do I Have to Call the Police if I’ve Been Injured in an Accident?

    … a lawsuit on your behalf, if necessary Perhaps the most notable benefit of retaining a lawyer after an accident is that it allows you to focus on the most important aspect of dealing with the aftermath of a serious wreck: your physical and emotional healing. Call The Levin Firm Today to Schedule a Free Case Evaluation with a Philadelphia Car Accident…

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  • The Importance of Pool Safety for Your Family

    … swimming lessons Have adequate covers, barriers, locked gates, and other protections to prevent unattended children from wandering in Teach your children to keep their distance from pool and spa drains Make sure every pool or spa has drain cover that complies with federal regulations Obtain CPR training for both adults and children…

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  • Can You Collect On a Philadelphia Car Accident Injury?

    … Car accidents are fairly common in Pennsylvania. The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation estimated that at least 121,000 alone occurred in 2015 alone. Approximately 9% of those 121,000 accidents occurred solely in Philadelphia and approximately 7% of all traffic-related deaths occurred in Philadelphia. What to Do If Involved…

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  • 7 Hit and Run Auto Accident Tips

    … involved in a hit and run accident in Philadelphia, Norristown, Feasterville, or the surrounding areas, contact the competent car accident attorneys of The Levin Firm today at 215-825-51583 to discuss your potential claim. The post 7 Hit and Run Auto Accident Tips appeared first on . …

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  • Can Injuries Caused by Broken Sidewalks be a Reason to Sue?

    …, then they must make a reasonable effort to put patrons on notice of the hazard. Cracks on Sidewalks in Philadelphia Philadelphia sees its fair share of pedestrians. The beautiful city is filled with culture and plenty of bars and restaurants to cater to any crowd. Accordingly, the sidewalks of Philadelphia see their fair share of abuse. The City…

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