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  • TBIs Can Be Caused by a Variety of Accidents

    … Traumatic brain injuries,1 or TBIS, are among the most serious kinds of injuries a person can sustain. They can occur when you hit your head on another object with sufficient force or even when your head snaps back and forth on your neck. The most common form of TBI is known as a concussion, and more severe brain injuries often leave victims…

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  • How to Maximize a Personal Injury Award or Settlement

    … of which you should make note include the following: Pain An inability to perform certain tasks Sleep disturbances Feelings of anxiety or depression Activities or events that you forgo because of your injuries See a Physician You should always see a doctor after you are hurt in an accident, even if you do not believe that your…

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  • How to Maximize a Personal Injury Award or Settlement

    … and accurate when describing their pain and symptoms (without overstating their cases) – and that they follow through with all of the emergency room physician’s treatment recommendations. This may include doing one or more of the following: Following up with a primary care physician or specialist for subsequent treatment Beginning a physical therapy…

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