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A personal injury lawyer is a lawyer who provides legal representation to those who claim to have been injured, physically or psychologically, as a result of the negligence or wrongdoing of another person, company, government agency, or other entity.Thus, personal injury lawyers tend to be especially knowledgeable and have more experience with regard to the area of law known as tort law, which includes civil wrongs and economic or non-economic damages to a person’s property, reputation, or rights.
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  • 2016 Staver Law Group National Scholarship Award Winner

    … management by earning a Master of Science degree in Environmental Health and Safety from the University of Wisconsin. In her essay below, Juliana not only demonstrates how personal injury lawyers play a role in leading safety initiatives, but also how she promotes personal and community safety in her everyday life. Congratulations, Juliana, on your…

    Jared Staver/ Chicago Personal Injury Lawyer- 26 readers -
  • Disfigurement Caused by a Personal Injury

    … of medical care and rehabilitation, the victim may find that treatment can be quite extensive and painful to endure. Additionally, such a catastrophic injury can cause collateral issues which can affect your family’s financial security. For instance, those who have lost a limb may find their ability to work is more difficult—if not impossible…

    Jeff Rasansky/ Rasansky Law Firm- 18 readers -
  • Handling a Car Accident Claim That Was Unfairly Denied

    …Has the insurance company wrongly denied your car accident injury claim? Don’t let them take advantage of you; call us! The accident attorneys at Rasansky Law Firm exist solely to help victims recover every penny their entitled to following a serious car wreck, and we don’t earn a fee unless we win your case. Call us at 1-877-405-4313 for a free…

    Jeff Rasansky/ Rasansky Law Firm- 18 readers -
  • Most Dangerous Intersections in Chicago for Runners

    … Expressway Ardmore and Sheridan in Edgewater Clark and LaSalle between Lincoln Park and Old Town Sangamon and Jackson in the West Loop Damen, North, and Milwaukee in Wicker Park Waveland and Kenmore behind Wrigley Field, during baseball season All Chicago alleyways Some of these dangerous intersections include where three busy roads meet…

    Jared Staver/ Chicago Personal Injury Lawyer- 17 readers -
  • What Happens if You’re Injured on Someone Else’s Property?

    …. If your own negligence was the cause of the personal injury and the conditions of the premises didn’t contribute at all, you may not have an actionable case, but do not attempt to make this determination on your own. Instead, speak to a personal injury lawyer and ask for their professional opinion during your free consultation. What does the law say…

    Jeff Rasansky/ Rasansky Law Firm- 16 readers -
  • Dallas Nerve Damage Attorney

    … and future), rehabilitation, and physical therapy. Additionally, you may be owed compensation for related damages such as pain and suffering, lost wages, loss of consortium, the inability to return to work in the same capacity, and more. Nerves can become damaged in several ways. Nerves can be damaged due to many factors, including disease, diabetes…

    Jeff Rasansky/ Rasansky Law Firm- 15 readers -
  • Diminished Earning Capacity (Loss of Future Earnings)

    … this type of compensation is more difficult to prove than direct expenses, the right personal injury lawyer can ensure you have the best chance at receiving every penny of compensation you truly deserve. There are several factors that can enter into this type of claim, such as: Your current salary Future raises and expected salary increases Income…

    Jeff Rasansky/ Rasansky Law Firm- 15 readers -
  • Injuries at the Gym

    …, these types of injuries do occur. It is crucial to determine the exact type of negligence that caused your gym injury and who should be responsible for compensating you. At The Levin Firm in Philadelphia, a skilled personal injury lawyer can help you pursue a claim and receive the settlement or award you deserve for your injuries. Please call us…

    Gabriel Levin/ 13 readers -
  • Motorcycle Accidents Caused By Aggressive Driving

    … undercompensated. After all, the insurance company exists to make a profit and you are an obstacle to that profitability, like other accident victims. An experienced phoenix personal injury lawyer can help you build your case through investigation of the accident’s facts and circumstances. This lawyer will also negotiate with the insurance company…

    Law Office of James Alston- 13 readers -
  • Distracted Driving and Smartphones: How to Protect Yourself

    … to assist testimony if your case goes to trial. Next, if you believe there is a chance you sustained any type of injury, you should seek medical attention as soon as possible following the crash. It is usually a good idea to visit an emergency department straight from the accident scene. This ensures that your injuries are properly diagnosed…

    Gabriel Levin/ 13 readers -
  • Can You Collect On a Philadelphia Car Accident Injury?

    … past wages Loss of future income Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Future medical expenses An experienced personal injury lawyer will be able to determine the various type of recovery available in any particular case. Experienced Car Accident Lawyers in Philadelphia Being involved in a car accident can be a stressful and traumatic experience…

    Gabriel Levin/ 13 readers -
  • Cesarean Malpractice

    … to understand the law and medicine and also, how important a personal injury attorney can be to help you in winning a case. Before claiming a case you should speak to a personal injury lawyer about your claims and the other person’s negligence. How Percy Martinez Law Firm can Help Percy Martinez Law Firm provides you the best personal injury attorney…

    Law Office of James Alston- 10 readers -
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