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  • Injured in a St. Louis Accident Involving a Disabled Driver?

    …All states, including Missouri, permit certain types of disabled and handicapped drivers to get a driver’s license as long as the person’s disability doesn’t render them unable to drive safely. But, it’s important to understand how liability is determined when a disabled driver gets into an accident and how it affects the claim. St. Louis car…

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  • Fear of Driving (Vehophobia) After a Car Accident in St. Louis?

    …Fear of driving (Vehophobia) is an issue suffered by many people, especially those who have been injured in serious car accidents. Many of those who suffer from vehophobia choose not to drive due to fear and anxiety. This can be extremely disruptive to someone’s way of life. Common causes of anxiety while driving are: The fear of getting…

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  • St. Louis Auto Accident Injuries: When a Driver Fails to Buckle Up

    … Journal of Emergency Medicine has revealed that overweight drivers tend to neglect wearing their seat belts. For this reason, they are more likely to get seriously injured or killed in a car accident. Obesity and Car Accident Injuries The study examined around 200,000 drivers involved in fatal traffic accidents over a period of six years. The results…

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  • Get Higher Settlements with your Automobile Accident Cases!

    … is a lot to lose when you get involved in an accident. Apart from a damaged car and a few injuries on your body, chances that you’ll go back to work usually are low. You may also have to plan a new budget to cater for your medical injuries. Trust me; this will happen when you work with stubborn insurance companies. Whether you sustained permanent…

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