Pennsylvania Burn Injury Lawyer

  • Traffic Accidents Can Cause Serious Burn Injuries

    … and prescription drug expenses. Keep copies of your medical records, which will give your lawyers some sense of the severity of your injury. Also, find proof of income if the burn has caused you to stop working. Wage earners should find a recent pay stub or W-2 form, while self-employed victims can use a recent profit-and-loss statement. To prove pain…

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  • Can I sue for my burn injury?

    … are the most common type of radiation burn. Alternatively, X-rays and radiation therapy can also cause injury, in which case the patient may be eligible to file medical malpractice charges. Radiation burns can cause redness and, potentially, cancerous growths and internal damage. Types of Burn Injuries While the cause and type of a burn (thermal…

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  • Should I Settle my Burn Injury Claim?

    …Round shape skin anatomy and skin burn classification stages on a white background As with any personal injury, it’s very difficult to make an accurate prediction as to what a burn injury settlement will turn out to be. The biggest factors are the severity of the injury, the intentions of the person who caused the burns and the extent to which…

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