Patent Prosecution

Patent prosecution describes the interaction between applicants and their representatives, and a patent office with regard to a patent, or an application for a patent. Broadly, patent prosecution can be split into pre-grant prosecution, which involves negotiation with a patent office for the grant of a patent, and post-grant prosecution, which involves issues such as post-grant amendment and opposition.Patent prosecution is distinct from patent litigation, which describes legal action relating to the infringement of patents.
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  • Oil States Versus The Administrative State

    … presented to the Supreme Court is: Whether inter partes review—an adversarial process used by the Patent and Trademark Office (PTO) to analyze the validity of existing patents—violates the Constitution by extinguishing private property rights through a non-Article III forum without a jury. Oil States frames the issue as one of overreaching by the PTO…

    David Swetnam Burland/ Brann & Isaacson- 16 readers -
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