An "opioid" is any synthetic narcotic not derived from opium. Indicating substances such as enkephalins or endorphins occurring naturally in the body that can affect on the brain to decrease the sensation of pain are also classified as opioids. Narcotic compounds found in natural opium latex are classified as opiates, not opioids. Common examples of opioids are: oxycodone, hydrocodone, oxymorphone, hydromorphone, methadone, and several others.Opioids are typically used in medicine both as analgesics (painkillers) or antitissuitives (cough suppressants).
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    • Dallas Opioid Abuse & Overdose Attorney

      Have you lost a loved one to the over-prescription of opioids or pain relievers? Call us at 1-877-405-4313 for a free consultation. The opioid abuse crisis in America has reached epidemic proportions. Unscrupulous doctors are prescribing dangerous pain killers in record numbers, and with little regard to the health and well-being of their patients. Opioid abuse and addiction is a complex subject.

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  • Dallas Opioid Abuse & Overdose Attorney

    … in just a few weeks. While every doctor knows this, there are some who prescribe opioids when they aren’t truly needed, or who prescribe unnecessarily high amounts or dosages. Under the law, doctors are only supposed to prescribe painkillers when there is a medical necessity. The same holds true for pharmacies and pharmacists who have a legal…

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  • Kickbacks, RICO and the Pharmaceutical Industry (Insys Post)

    … thousands of dollars each month. Medicare and private insurance companies are therefore leery of their use. While the use for cancer patients with breakthrough pain is authorized by the FDA, prosecutors say that the Insys execs were trying to expand the market. If true, those actions are both dangerous to patients and expensive to taxpayers and those…

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  • What is BU08028 and What Does it Mean to Chronic Pain Sufferers?

    … to pain relief without the risk of addiction. Today’s pain management medicine relies primarily on opioids, like Vicodin or Oxycodone, that quell pain signals to the brain by interfering with neuron receptors known as opiod receptors, particularly the mu opioid peptide receptor (MOP). Unfortunately, these medications are highly addictive, as these…

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  • Medical Marijuana, a viable alternative to opioid painkillers.

    … Pennsylvania’s Medical Marijuana Act allows patients who are afflicted with one of 17 serious medical conditions to be certified to use medical marijuana. Included as a separate and distinct medical condition in the enumerated 17 serious medical conditions is “severe chronic or intractable pain.” Severe pain is also a symptom which is common…

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  • CDC Guidelines for Prescribing Opioids for Chronic Pain

    … by Karl Voigt You may have seen in the news, or perhaps even here, that the Center for Disease Control has published new Guidelines for Prescribing Opioids for Chronic Pain. This is seemingly in response to not just the addictive nature of opioids, but also the quadrupling of deaths from prescription opioid overdose over the past 15 years…

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  • Ketorolac (Toradol) Recall by Hospira Creates Shortage in Hospitals

    … to patients during and after certain surgical procedures” means that hospitals will have to substitute other drugs. (Wall St. J., 2/12/15) Ketorolac lessens the needs for patients to receive opioids, which have several unpleasant side effects. Hospira manufactures 95% of the Ketorolac on the market, so this recall presents a challenge for those…

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