Ohio /oʊˈhaɪ.oʊ/ is a state in the Midwestern United States. Ohio is the 34th largest (by area), the 7th most populous, and the 10th most densely populated of the 50 United States. The state's capital and largest city is Columbus.The name "Ohio" originated from Iroquois word ohi-yo’, meaning "great river" or "large creek". The state, originally partitioned from the Northwest Territory, was admitted to the Union as the 17th state (and the first under the Northwest Ordinance) on March 1, 1803.
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  • Daycare Worker Charged with Felony after Toddler Suffers Brain Damage

    …RICHFIELD, OH — A 22-month-old child now suffers from permanent brain damage due to asphyxiation allegedly caused by an Ohio daycare attendant’s negligence. The daycare worker, 27-year-old Casey Bertelson, is alleged to have stuck the child in a playpen and then barricaded the top with a large picture frame, before leaving the toddler unattended…

    Jeff Rasansky/ Rasansky Law Firm- 12 readers -
  • You Have the Right to Remain Silent

    … South Florida Criminal Attorney | DUI Attorney Blog You Have the Right to Remain Silent Fool! YOU HAVE THE RIGHT TO REMAIN SILENT | USE IT Most people view the fifth amendment as a shelter or haven for individuals who have committed a crime. Invoking your right to remain silent is typically viewed as an admission to criminal conduct. After all…

    Michael Dye/ Fort Lauderdale Criminal Attorney- 23 readers -
  • PNC Pays Mortgage Loan Officers $16M – Overtime Lawsuit

    … a “professional” carries no weight either. The true test is your actual job duties, not the employer’s label. Second, the PNC case shows that even if your employer recently settled an overtime case doesn’t mean they are now doing things correctly. The wage theft and overtime fraud lawyers at MahanyLaw handle large, complex overtime cases. Whether…

    Due Diligence- 28 readers -
  • MahanyLaw Files Class Action Lawsuit Against Molina Healthcare

    … FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Hispanic Doctors, Law Firm Accuse Molina Healthcare Company of Stealing Pay from Physicians (Milwaukee) The fraud recovery lawyers at MahanyLaw filed a class action lawsuit on December 30th against Molina Healthcare of California. This is the second major class action case filed in 2016 by the firm. According…

    Due Diligence- 28 readers -
  • Illinois Truck Crash Fatalities

    … 10,000 pounds and a bus is any vehicle designed to carry at least 9 people, including the driver. In 2014, Illinois witnessed 121 fatalities caused by a large truck or bus-related accidents. Ten other states had a higher number of fatalities: Texas, 570 California, 324 Florida, 207 Pennsylvania, 170 Georgia, 162 Ohio, 142 Oklahoma…

    Jared Staver/ Chicago Personal Injury Lawyer- 10 readers -
  • Federal Appeals Court Win for Whistleblowers

    … retaliation claims. Recently the 6th Circuit Court of Appeals decided a case involving these counsel fees. For those not familiar, the 6th Circuit is the top federal appeals court covering Ohio, Kentucky, Michigan and Tennessee. Those of us who primarily represent whistleblowers don’t always consider it the friendliest court but an opinion this month…

    Due Diligence- 11 readers -
  • Six Ohio Residents Defrauded Investors

    … Six Ohio Residents Defrauded Investors Posted on Thursday, November 10, 2016 at 9:08 AM From the Desk of Jim Eccleston at Eccleston Law LLC: The owners of KGTA Petroleum, Ltd, Kenneth Grant of Copley, Ohio and Thomas Abdallah of Brunswick, Ohio, were sentenced to prison for their roles in a conspiracy to defraud about 70 investors out…

    Eccleston Law Offices- 11 readers -
  • Three Advisers in Hot Water with the CFP Board

    … Three Advisers in Hot Water with the CFP Board Posted on Wednesday, November 9, 2016 at 9:51 AM From the Desk of Jim Eccleston at Eccleston Law LLC: The CFP Board found that adviser Charles Zsarnay of Toledo, Ohio,allegedly copied certain individual drivers’ licenses in violation of Ohio law and failed to promptly disclose to his firm…

    Eccleston Law Offices- 10 readers -
  • FINRA Bars Two Ohio Brokers

    … FINRA Bars Two Ohio Brokers Posted on Wednesday, September 28, 2016 at 10:58 AM From the Desk of Jim Eccleston at Eccleston Law LLC: FINRA has barred two brokers at Triad Advisors, LLC by the names of Douglas Scott Miller of Bowling Green, Ohio and Gary Lee Rathbun of Wauseon, Ohio. Miller and Rathbun consented to FINRA sanctions without…

    Eccleston Law Offices- 12 readers -
  • Whistleblower Awards Available for Pill Mills

    … What do Michigan, Indiana, Ohio, West Virginia, Kentucky, Tennessee, North Carolina, South Carolina, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama have in common? A huge percentage of narcotic painkiller prescriptions per capita. If you live in Georgia, Maine, Pennsylvania or Rhode Island don’t celebrate just yet, you have significant…

    Due Diligence- 17 readers -
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