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  • FAN 31 (First Amendment News): “Freedom from Speech” — a timely broadside

    “This is a surreal time for freedom of speech.” He is a First Amendment activist / he likes his freedom robust / he refuses to leave censorial speech codes alone / and he is making a real difference in safeguarding free speech in America (see, e.g., here).

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  • A Kiss Is Just A Kiss

    When the foundation upon which a call to action is built starts with this, it’s a problem: Sexual assault is rampant on campuses, and colleges have failed to respond adequately. “Yes means yes” won’t make these problems disappear. But the new standard is worth trying.

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    • In the news

      Early this morning, Apple and the carriers started to take online pre-orders for the new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. (You'll be able to buy them in stores starting one week from today, September 19th.) I have a business plan with AT&T so I cannot buy an iPhone through Apple, but I went to the AT&T website at 2:01 am Central time and purchased an iPhone 6 (128 GB, space gray).
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    • Morning Docket: 09.12.14

      Oscar Pistorius * Following the divisive decision in Shelby County v. Holder, voting rights cases may be heading back to the SCOTUS sooner than we thought. Thanks, Texas and Wisconsin. [USA Today] * Bienvenidos a Miami? Cities compete to be designated as sites where global arbitration matters are heard. Miami is an up-and-comer, but New York is king.
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    • A Tale of Two College Rapes

      …. “It was not her fault at all.” An unnamed Florida State University student accused the school’s “famed quarterback, Jameis Winston” of rape. He denied the allegation. From the New York Times: After downing a double dose of NyQuil to fight a cold, the young woman woke in a man’s dormitory room with a vague memory of someone being on top of her…

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    • September 16 roundup

      …, Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel via Althouse, more, related on "blue fist" posters and John Doe investigator, earlier] “In Britain, Child’s Weight Leads to Parents’ Arrest” [New York Times in June, King's Lynn 11-year-old; also, Cadbury agrees to "stop making chocolate bars in Britain with more than 250 calories"] Should there be judicial remedies…

      1 readers - Walter Olson/ Overlawyered
    • Of Judicial Notice and the Big Lebowski

      …? At least we know who the Cohen brothers are! The apocryphal Bard? Not so certain there, William (or Francis!). Shakespeare has been rampantly quoted in judgments. Professor Gillers from NYU was quoted in the New York Times a number of years back (in an article about Wikipedia’s creep into judicial reasons) as saying courts cite Shakespeare…

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    • Gavel Awards presented and court access discussed during FOIFT conference

      …, Roadblocks and the Public’s Access to the Courts.” Addressing the crowd—which included representatives from The Texas Tribune, the Victoria Advocate, Texas Lawyer, the New York Times, and the City of Austin—the legal panelists shared some of their experiences working with journalists in the courtroom and offered insight into issues including media…

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    • NY Times: Student Loans Increasingly Burden the Elderly

      …Monday, September 15, 2014 By Paul Caron New York Times: Student Loan Debt Burdens More Than Just Young People, by Elizabeth Olson: [A]n estimated two million Americans age 60 and older ... are in debt from unpaid student loans, according to data from the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. Its August Household Debt and Credit Report said the number…

      4 readers - Paul Caron/ TaxProf Blog
    • The Changing Face of the Federal Appellate Courts

      …When a president serves two terms (as the last three have), they can have a significant impact of the face of the federal judiciary. An analysis by the New York Times focuses on President Obama’s federal appellate legacy. Interestingly, in looking at all of the circuits, only four (out of 13, including the Federal Circuit) now have majorities…

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    • Honda/Takata Airbag Recall

      … official for N.H.T.S.A told the New York Times that a single air bag firing off metal should have sounded big alarms back in 2004. “This isn’t a defect where you can expect a number of events to happen before you take notice,” the former official said. “When you have something like that, you put all your resources into conducting a thorough…

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    • Try Before You Buy: Can Testing Potential Hires Work for Solo and Small Law Firms

      … when he or she turns out to be the real deal in person. Yet, four or five weeks after you make the hire, you have buyers’ remorse. Turns out, your new hire can’t write to save her life or is disorganized or passive. And you wonder if the situation could have been avoided? A recent New York Times Trial Hire Guide suggests yes – through test period…

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    • Monday Morning Recap: The Week (9.8.14-9.14.14) in Drug & Device Law & Policy

      … to recommend approval of that manufacturer’s drug, committee members with ties to multiple manufacturers did not show an overall bias in favor of approval. Aaron Carroll wrote about the study at the New York Times, here, and David Schlaes wrote about it here. Per Schlaes: “The take-home lesson to me is that experts are actually experts. Those…

      Health Reform Watch
    • NY Times: Jeers and Cheers Over Tax Inversions

      …New York Times: Jeers and Cheers Over Tax Inversions, by Jeff Sommer: [M]ost American consumers, investors and politicians have tacitly accepted that if a company is profitable, doesn’t violate the law and produces appealing products and services, it can operate wherever and however it likes. That’s why the furor over tax inversions is so…

      4 readers - Paul Caron/ TaxProf Blog
    • Insidious abuse that doesn’t get a lot of press coverage

      … much clearer now than it did a few months ago. People who know me well probably think it’s ironic that I’m such an ardent proponent of the power of technology, and yet am now railing about its potential for abuse. Well, what can I say? I had an epiphany. But if you think my wariness of technology is ironic, then read the New York Times article…

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