Native Americans

Native Americans within the boundaries of the present-day United States (including indigenous peoples of Alaska and Hawaii) are composed of numerous, distinct tribes and ethnic groups, many of which survive as intact political communities. The terms used to refer to Native Americans have been controversial. According to a 1995 U.S. Census Bureau set of home interviews, most of the respondents with an expressed preference refer to themselves as "American Indians" or simply "Indians"; this term has been adopted by major newspapers and some academic groups, but does not traditionally include Native Hawaiians or certain Alaskan Natives, such as Aleut, Yup'ik, or Inuit peoples.
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  • Solving Nothing

    … November 11th, 2014 | Add a Comment The Arizona Republic recently reported about a Chandler police sergeant who was demoted and agreed to leave the department by the end of next year for ordering her subordinates to single out Native American shoplifters for being booked into jail instead of cited and released. She wasn’t fired, obviously…

    Matt Brown/ Brown & Little, P.L.C.- 2 readers -
  • Non-Sequiturs: 09.25.14

    … * Justice Sotomayor would like to remind you that just because you’ve been to one Indian casino, that doesn’t mean all Native Americans are fantastically wealthy. [KGOU] * Nor is every Native American cured by this news, but this is certainly a start — the Department of the Interior will sign a $554 million settlement in the breach of trust…

    Joe Patrice/ Above the Law- 2 readers -
  • The Legal Trick Payday Lenders Are Using To Skirt The Law

    … our old Navy vet? The fact of the matter is that the lawyers for the tribes are probably right: Congress likely failed to consider the unique issues surrounding tribal sovereignty when it drafted these laws. That doesn’t mean Congress lacks the power to act though. If the FTC or CFPB ultimately fail with the judiciary, the ball is squarely…

    Joe Patrice/ Above the Lawin California- 2 readers -
  • Researching the Past

    … called Publick Occurrences, a Boston publication. The issue was published nearly 324 years ago, on September 24, 1960. In the issue, a smallpox outbreak is reported, there is a house fire, Native Americans have a Day of Thanksgiving, and more. The archive covers newspapers through December 31, 1922, so many of the major events our our nation’s history, from Independence through World War I and the start of the Roaring Twenties, can be found. Like this: Like Loading... Related …

    Deborah Schander/ The Blackacre Times- 3 readers -
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