Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), nuclear magnetic resonance imaging (NMRI), or magnetic resonance tomography (MRT) is a medical imaging technique used in radiology to investigate the anatomy and function of the body in both health and disease. MRI scanners use strong magnetic fields and radiowaves to form images of the body. The technique is widely used in hospitals for medical diagnosis, staging of disease and for follow-up without exposure to ionizing radiation.
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  • Subdural and Epidural Hematoma

    … attention immediately. Dizziness Sudden onset of high blood pressure Sudden onset of poor motor skills Personality changes Sudden extreme headaches Loss of consciousness Vision and other sensory disturbances The earlier you get to a doctor for an MRI scan (and possible surgery to relieve intracranial pressure as well as close up…

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  • Frontal Lobe Brain Injuries

    … swelling or bleeding that may occur as a result of these injuries. After surgery, you may need a speech therapist and extensive physical therapy to help you regain your language and motor skills. During treatment, expect to have a range of MRI scans, CT scans and x-rays ordered by doctors, and a range of other tests to check on inflammation markers…

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  • Universities Newest False Claims Act (Whistleblower) Target

    …. Just weeks before, the Justice Department resolved another case against a university hospital, this one involving the University of Missouri – Columbia. Prosecutors there said some physicians certified and billed Medicare, Tricare and Medicaid for reviewing the X-rays and MRI images when, in fact, they had not reviewed them. The university paid…

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  • 2 Share $1.7 Million Award – Radiology Medicare Fraud

    … can cost millions of dollars. Yet new stand alone MRI clinics seem to pop up everywhere. The intense competition and need to service the debt on these big ticket equipment items push some providers to break the law. For this post we are looking at a recent prosecution against Rose Radiology Centers located on the west coast of Florida. One…

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  • Jacksonville Mild Brain Injuries

    … The term “mild brain injury” can be misleading. The term “mild” is used in reference to the severity of the initial physical trauma that caused the injury. It does not indicate the severity of the consequences of the injury. The Centers for Disease Control [1], as part of its Report to Congress on Mild Traumatic Brain Injury in the United…

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  • Jacksonville Auto Collisions and Concussions

    … to be examined by a professional neurologist who might request that you have a CT scan or MRI to determine whether you have any bleeding or other serious injuries to the brain. People with Grade 3 concussions may have to be hospitalized. Contact a Jacksonville Auto Accident Attorney When a car collision or other accident causes a concussion…

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  • Patient Recruiter = Medicare Fraud

    … Somewhere in this country is an honest patient recruiter. I am sure at least one exists. We haven’t found him or her yet, however. When a physician, clinic or MRI facility has to pay to recruit patients, there is almost always Medicare fraud going on. When we say patient recruiter, we aren’t talking about the marketing director of some senior…

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  • $50,000 Settlement For Woman Rear-Ended in Will County

    … The Chicago personal injury attorneys at Staver Law Group frequently see victims in rear-end accidents, searching for help and often unsure of where to turn. When a 40-year-old woman from Crete Township in Will County was rear-ended on Route 394, she called experienced Chicago personal injury lawyer Jared Staver – who knew just how to handle her…

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  • $22,000 Settlement For Male Involved In Automobile Accident

    … with his personal physician who then ordered an MRI and physical therapy. At this point he contacted personal injury lawyer Jared Staver who successfully got the case settled for $22,000 prior to trial. The outcome of an individual case depends on a variety of factors unique to that case. Case results do not guarantee or predict a similar result in any similar or future case. The post $22,000 Settlement For Male Involved In Automobile Accident appeared first on Chicago Personal Injury Lawyer. …

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